Self Pleasure by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Self Pleasure

In this difficult time of self isolation I want to talk about self pleasure and make an invitation to my lovely valued regular visitors.

With social distancing been brought in by the government it has had a disastrous effect on he sex industry and all my lovely visitors are unable to visit me and also I am in self quarantine after just returning from India.

I am taking my health very seriously along with the health of the more vulnerable around me and in the wider community. So while I am in self isolation its coming down to exploring self pleasure. As I am used to alot of sexual encounters fun and games which I love I am finding my sex drive is not being met as I am like many others am not getting any sexual contact so I am taking the opportunity to explore self pleasure.

I look at this as more than just genital masturbation given the range of skills and training I have I am looking at all the different aspects of self pleasure from intimate touch to breath work and exploring different sensations within my whole body. You see self pleasure is not just about having a wank that is just the tip of the ice berg self pleasure is about full body and mind pleasure exploring the nuances of pleasure that we sometimes miss by stepping into a quick fix.

I am enjoying connecting fully with myself through mindfulness, conscious breath work, orgasmic yoga and touch to fully explore my pleasure and how it manifests in my body. I am enjoying the ritual of preparing the space to make it soothing indulgent and special. I am playing around with different breathing techniques, movement techniques and sound techniques to expand my awareness of myself, my potential to feel pleasure in my body and to raise the capacity of pleasure in my body. I am using some of the techniques I used in my training and orgasmic yoga to connect into myself.

The problem with pleasure is we only ever feel a fraction of what we are capable of as we are not conditioned to feel full pleasure in our bodies as it gets too much and we need a release. Using some of the techniques I have spoken about about we can raise the ceiling of our pleasure limits slowly so we can feel so much more and who with all this destruction going on around us who does not want to expand their potential for pleasure.

What I am doing is not a quick fix its about turning my attention inwards to myself and doing my own work to find out the possibilities that lay within me.

So here is the invitation and it is only made to my regular visitors with numbers limited who have time to invest their time in what I am offering and are willing to commit to the program.

How would you like to access a self pleasure awareness and masturbation coaching sessions in this time of turmoil. Here is the really good bit, I am not going to charge for this so the places are very limited.

So what's involved I here you ask? Well I start with an assessment of where you are at then we discuss different ways to explore pleasure and connect with yourself using a variety of different techniques.

There will be a series of approximately 10 sessions over the phone over the coming weeks while we are all in isolation where we discuss what you are experiencing and I offer suggestions and assignments depending on where you are at with the journey of different things to try. I will basically guide you but you do need to do the work, this is not about phone chat or anything like that this is a very unique one time limited offer to anyone who wants to expand their awareness of the possibilities of pleasure.

I have a slightly selfish reason for offering this too when we do get back together again our time together will be so much more magical.

If you are interested and you are a regular drop me a line and we can take it from there.

I look forward very much to exploring with you.

Kristina J - Huddersfield Escort