Sexploration by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort


Hi all great to be back hope it lasts, who knows enjoy the moments when we can.

For some people the holiday season is a time of bliss, setting the perfect mood for sexy times. For others, it’s full of grief, anxiety, and sadness, and less than ideal. Whatever the holidays mean to you, know that there are ways to find freedom in pleasure no matter where you are.

What transpired one evening on holiday I will never forget, and the next morning too, it was beautiful and multi-orgasmic for the both of us. It was a free and open space of physical pleasure and exploration. It was completely physical and free of any deeper emotion. I danced in both my masculine and feminine energies, I felt free enough to step fully into my feminine energy which is not always possible with certain female lovers and he was also completely unafraid of stepping into his own sensual feminine energy.

There was a lot of playing and teasing and rolling around and talking dirty and also a lot that did not involve penetration at all.

The experience I had was exhilarating and liberating and the next day we both went our separate ways without any desire of wanting to stay in contact or be in each other’s lives at all. I had the memories.

Kristina J Get it where you can I am here for you xxx