Sexual Freedom Awards 2022 by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Sexual Freedom Awards 2022

The Sexual Freedom Awards 2022

I have some exciting news, I have been nominated and reach the finalist in the category sex worker of the year at the sexual freedom awards.  This is such an honour to be acknowledged for the work that I am committed to doing, I am almost speechless as it means a lot to me just to reach the finals.

What is the sex for freedom awards I hear you ask?  The Sexual Freedom Awards that take place in London every year people who are pioneers in a sex industry and covers all sorts of different work.  It was originally the international erotic awards which were run by Tuppy Owens until 2013.  Then they became the sexual freedom awards.  

The awards ceremony proceed scores towards the work of the outsiders trust.  For them but do not know the outsiders trust is about providing support for those who are socially and physically disabled.  It helps connect people with a disability and recognises that disabled people also have physical and sexual needs.

It’s quite poignant that this has come at this time as I had wonderful liaison with a gentleman who is disabled recently.  It is such valuable work to be able to bring intimacy and connection to someone who would otherwise be forgotten about.  I really do believe that everyone has a fundamental right to connect and be intimate with another.  It’s really such an honour when I am with someone who has a disability to be able to support and engage in intimacy with them moving past the disability into human connection.  

For tickets to join me and many other pioneers on the night you will find information here…

Its going to be an amazing evening and I am honoured to be part of it.

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The Sexual Freedom Awards

Kristina J xx