Shake a tail feather by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Shake a tail feather

Hi you movers and shakers hope we are all ok and shaking a tail feather whatever that means so I looked it up.Clever me. Shake that tail feather or  Shake your tail feathers is an expression that is used to tell someone you want them to dance. It refers to how when a bird dances they shake their tails.

I digress I wanted to share a rather exciting experience I enjoyed I woke up one morning full of life and energy (the usual). I sat for a while drank my coffee and decided to blitz my apartment sort of a spring clean ready for some hot summer loving (I wish).  

An hour passed and I was still debating!!  YesI said debating ha ha.  Where to start I had an idea ring up an agency who will provide me with a cleaner.  Having rang a top notch cleaning company I gave the information required, apparently this particular agency liked to match you up with someone compatible, sounds more like a dating agency (not that I would know) ha ha. I prepared myself to go out after I had met the member of staff the agency had sent me, another coffee getting hyper now. Looking rather Glam today Kristina I said to myself as I assessed my look in the mirror, the door bell rang and I tottered (high heels) to the door.

I opened the door and was aghast at the sight that stood before me.  A 6ft male with all the right credentials (A mop), we talked had coffee, their was a spark between us his hand was on my knee I was feeling horny and he was too,  judging by the lump in his pants.  I kid you not the things he could do with a feather duster.  I paid him he left with only a few feathers left on his duster and I cleaned the apartment myself!!   Next time he pays me.

Kristina:  Invest in a feather duster the possibilities are endless visit me and see xx