Should You Be Bad Naughty Or Nice? by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Should You Be Bad Naughty Or Nice?

Many women want to appear perfect to men as someone who cannot do wrong. This is because they want to feel special to men so they respond in ways that makes them think they are actually getting ahead with men.

There is a difference between being bad and being naughty Sometimes though, being bad is even better but it depends on how bad you want to be.

 You cannot light a man’s fire if you’re not being naughty. He’ will see you as just another predictable woman who puts him to sleep. Men seek adventure, they want an edge and being naughty will give him the edge he’s looking for.

The way to be naughty is to strike a balance between being sugar and spice. Think about how you responded to the policeman who pulled you over. You did something bad but you were really nice to him because you didn’t want to get a ticket. You have to make a guy believe this is what his dreams are made of. You have to bring a guy to the edge of the cliff in order for you to blow his mind. He has to feel that you’re a dangerous woman who can awaken him like a clap of thunder.

Bad girls get spanked naughty girls get spanked then laid

A bad girl is a girl that likes to party and gets into fights and is kind of, for a lack of a better word, a bad girl.

Naughty girls like a bit of harmless fun that is a little risqué now and again, they have really playful flirty personalities. Badgirl could imply many things, that one is not a good person, that one promiscuous or it could be used teasingly to mean playful or naughty.

I do bad naughty things and I do them very well. xx

Kisses Kristina Yorkshire Escort xxx