So what makes me different to other Escorts…. by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

So what makes me different to other Escorts….

I have been thinking lately about what makes me different, what is unique about me the sex work industry. Obviously I am me and that makes me unique, but what makes me stand out.

It could be the fact that I am passionate about what I do and have a real interest to develop my skills to a really high standard. I know some of you reading this will think, well you just give a blow job and fuck so where is the skill in that? I have an answer for that but I won’t share it hear what I will do is give you just an idea of what is going on under the surface. First of all I am educated and experienced in sexuality so I can pick up the little things the unspoken word that are the trigger into your erotic mind. I am also an exceptional communicator especially around sexuality and empowered to ask for what I want and state my boundaries. The thing though that stands out that is really special is I read your energy and not just see you but feel you on every level. This means I am able to connect with them that will let me and I am able to take you on a journey by reading and sensing the energy you are in.

The one thing that totally changed my play right across the board is learning how to play with sexual energy, it was in a word a complete revolution to everything I had learnt before. It allowed me to go deeper in to pleasure before and to lead others deeper into pleasure opening possibilities never before imagined. The key thing though I have noticed in the last few months is not only do I read your body I have a full understanding of where you are with all your sensory systems in your body so I know where to take you next. I feel I have turned sexuality into an art, as one of my trainers Barbara Carrellas said ‘it’s a freaking art’.

To be able to take you on a real journey with a start middle and end and open up all the possibilities of sensuality, sexuality and erotic play is a real gift and a pleasure to be able to share this with my wonderful sexy visitors. You won’t get this anywhere most people trained to my level are sex therapists or tantric practitioners. What I offer is just alittle bit more than a blow job and a fuck its erotic content with a lot of thought and effort put in

Its something special, something different and something that is totally out of this world when I get you where you deserve to be and when you do you do the penny will drop that you have only until now been scratching the surface..

Kissers Kristina J - Huddersfield Escort