So you have arranged a meeting with me and you want to know what I like… by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

So you have arranged a meeting with me and you want to know what I like…

​I have recently been asked by several people what I like. I am sure I have wrote something about this before on my blog but thought I would recap.

I am never sure of the context of this question if you want me to say i like my pussy licking, I like french kissing, I like to be touched, i like to be fucked. I think the content of my website gives a good indication of these things.

Let me start with what I don't like. I don't like time wasters, I particularly do not like people who book appointments and don't turn up. I do keep a record of these people backed up on my computer so once you have done this once the chances of doing it again are slim. I don't like people that don't treat me how they would like to be treat and I really do not like boundary pushers.

So what do i like..

Firstly I like people who make appointments and turn up this is always a really good start. I like to be treat like a human with emotional and physical feelings. I love people who communicate especially around sexuality and I really do enjoy when I am heard in what i ask for in regards to sex and sexual encounters and what I ask for is given. I will also encourage you to ask for what you want and honour you in your requests. I love to be touched consciously and sensitively with some thought, I do like to be grabbed but I will lead you into this and as an exceptional communicator i will tell you during the meeting how far you can go and when to turn the touch into a grab. I love nails thats my big kink nails running all over me is a big turn on for me and again I will invite you to explore.

I like my whole body to be stimulated not just the area between my legs the size of a postage stamp. There is so much more of my to play with and with the skin being the biggest sensual organ on our body it is a shame to miss all that opportunity for pleasure.

I don't like to slapped or spanked it is not my thing and it does not do it for me. If you want to spank me thats for your pleasure and I get no pleasure from it. I would love though for you to nip me and sink your nails into my bum and legs now that is a real turn on for me. I also love my neck being caressed but not my ears they are over sensitive, a little playfulness around my ears is great but too much is too much.

Most of all i love to play within safe boundaries and I am very good at stating mine and encouraging you to state yours. I like to be heard and acknowledged in my requests and will hear and acknowledge you in your requests.

I like to dress to impress and look after my body and skin to keep myself in good shape and my skin beautifully soft and clean.

Overall I love people and the connection between myself and you, this is the one reason I have never done phone sex or cam sex because there is no connection. I love to feel you, touch you and sense you in every way. I love the connection of kissing and deep french kissing but I don't like my face licked to death or being slobbered on.

I love to play and I love to find pleasure that you have not felt before, this is me very much in a taking role of taking my pleasure from giving pleasure something that I am very good at owning. I get a lot of pleasure from giving pleasure but i admit that in giving pleasure I am taking for my own pleasure and it is this simple awareness that makes me an exceptionally safe play mate.

Been tantric i am more likely to have a full body orgasm than a normal orgasm and for anyone who has experienced full body orgasm then you will understand that once you have had a full body orgasm nothing compares. I am very good at taking myself into a full body energy orgasm and that in itself is an experience to savour.

I hope this helps and answers some of your questions….

Kisses Kristina J - Huddersfield Escort