Soapy Sexy Bubbles by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Soapy Sexy Bubbles

Hi soapy Bubble lovers we all love a slippy slithery time with our soap remember the soap on a rope and the Ann Summers penis shaped soap (the least said about that the better!! 


  • something you better not drop in jail!!!
  • Butch: Pick up the soap!!! 
  • Eugene: Oh not again

There is soap. And then there is soap that gives you that little buzz of va va voom.

What do we mean?  We mean that soap can tell you a lot about someone. Consider, for example the dashing gent from yoga class who has a bar of Dial Pura Fruta Refreshing Glycerin Bar Soap Guava & Watermelon. He might, not be your cup of tea. Or, maybe that’s what does it for you.

While we tend to spice up our closet with risqué pieces from time to time, our soap often gets overlooked. It is typically an unconscious habit, one we developed years ago and haven’t thought to change. I have lots of soapy sud remedy’s 

Sex Bomb – Considered a must for any romantic bath, this bath bomb from LUSH features a brazen combination of jasmine and sage. Infused with soya milk, a compound that makes the water milky and your body soft, this sphere of sex appeal is the perfect boost to your two or one person tub session. Bring it on. 

Soap Sometimes A word used to describe someone who is so cool, that words like cool or awesome just don't do them justice. It stands for Super Overly Amazing Person-ness ME!! 

Kristina J  Bubbles mean bliss I will supply the soap, lets slither and slide xx