Something Fishy by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Something Fishy

Guys  Hope you are staying safe.  Winter Willie  Warmers on its cold.  When you are hot you are hot but when you are not I have ways to make you hot.  

Ah, tights. Yes, yes, yes. They cover my bottom in a nice peachy way and mean I can wear a skirt as short as a London taxi driver’s temper. Tights are just what they say they are far more body hugging than knee dimpling stockings. And, with a single whisk, they come off in one.

Fishnet has been around forever! No longer confined to adorning the legs of ‘adventurous’ stocking wearers, it is now one of the most versatile and ultimately sexy fabrics, to be found in the lingerie drawer of many a lingerie lover,  me being one of them. 

Fishnet’s Erotic Roots

Fishnet has a long and vague history. Depending on your age, you may think that Madonna was the first to wear it. Or your first recollection of fishnet stockings may be from the Rocky Horror picture show! I personally think back to the time of pin ups and burlesque stars such as Gypsy Rose Lee, Bettie Page and Jayne Mansfield. Certainly, fishnet stockings have always had erotic associations many of my male friends love fishnets!!

Thankfully as time and fashion has progressed; fishnet is now used in many garments. It is not limited to stockings and tights any more than it is limited to strippers, burlesque and drag queens. The fish net look isn’t the only a way to make an outfit look sexy. But going back to it’s original roots of being something favoured by women who worked in the businesses that had to do with turning men on; fishnet stockings and other such goodies are still a great way to get a man to notice and really get his pulse racing! There is just something über-hot about fishnet tights or stockings.  Even more so these days thanks to spandex and lycra making them fit even better over every curve! Your welcome to come and check out the curves. 

Kristina J  Remember Stockings or tights are nothing without the shoes, Always a pleasure with or without Tights xx