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Songs of My Journey - 1998

Songs of My Journey - 1998 by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Songs of My Journey - 1998

Songs of my Journey

For the next songs I am going to whiz forward to 1998 and my very first festival V98 which at the time was on Temple Newsome Leeds..

The first song reminds me of that event not because the band played but because it was been streamed across the event on the big screen.. The song is Morning After Glow by Electracy...

The second song because I was given a free cd by a promotion girl with some of the new bands performing at the festival and one of them songs was - A thousand Trees by Steroephonics.

Attending the V98 festival was a significant point in my life because it led to some crazy years following on from that where I had my own little catering business and working the festival circuit attending most of the major festivals in the UK over the next 9 summers… It was hard work but I had a good team of people around me and we had a blast, saw some amazing bands and met some great characters...

The Song Morning After Glow is still one of my favorite all time songs - many years later I met the drummer of the band at an event in Somerset…

The Stereophonics are one of my all time favorite bands and I saw them on many occasions at different festivals and gigs across the UK

Whenever I hear either of these songs I am instantly taken back to 1998 stood in a muddy field in combat trousers and boots listening to what I now call floppy hat music, i.e. The Verve, The Charlatons, Green Day to name a few.. Little did I know back then what an impact the festivals would have on my life.

Enjoy Kristina Yorkshire Escort xxx