Stockings and high heels by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

The arousing image of a woman in stockings and high heels

Stockings and high heels

One of my favourite images and representation of erotic is stockings and high heels.. On men and women, but in this blog I am going to talk about stockings and high heels on women.

Just imagine that ever so sexy sight of a lady before you in black silky stockings and high heels, how does that image make you feel? Maybe you just catch a glimpse of her stocking tops as she get out of her car or sits down for a meal. Maybe when you are following her up the stairs you notice you simply cannot take your eyes of her stocking clad legs and the way her heels click on a wooden floor. Just imagine that. does it excite you and turn you on?

For me it is such an erotic image a glimpse into the forbidden and the naughty it excites me but it excites me more to be the one wearing the stockings and heels. Knowing that I have got your attention feeling sexy and attractive and more importantly knowing I am turning you on.. I will say it again knowing I am turning you on, there is some power in that sentence.

I am a lover of all things erotic and always have been. From a very young age I identified with the erotic so easily. Noticing how a certain look can portray an image of sexual confidence and sexual allure while smiling to myself knowing the effect I am having..

There lies the truth in the matter it is not the clothing, the black sexy stockings and the high spiked heels that are arousing but what the clothing represents. What does it represent for you? I invite you to just ponder that question for a minute or two… When you see woman dressed in heels and stockings and you catch a glimpse of her stocking top as she crosses her legs what does that image say to you?

For me the image of a woman in stockings and high heels represents a strong powerful woman who is confident in herself and her own sexuality. It represents a woman who knows how to handle herself in the bedroom and how to get the best out of you. It says she is comfortable in her sex appeal and more importantly she knows how to use it as just the right time. The look symbolises a woman who knows how to stand up to the intensity of sexual desires and is comfortable in doing so. More impotently she is able to hold this space of standing up to sexual desires and this enables the man to be able to fully surrender into his desires without the need to feel responsible or worried. This bales the man to feel free of the responsibilities placed upon him in society and allowing wild erotic passion as a form of escapism from the dun drum and stresses of every day normal life. A woman who is shamelessly proud of her sexuality and liberated in her sexual behaviours is a turn on. A woman who knows her desires and how to handle your desires is such a powerful allure. A woman who knows that wearing stockings and heels will portray in a image so much more that just the image she will portray the unspoken undercurrents of sexuality. It is after all what the image represents which is where the real power and magic is..

So just take a moment going back to my question of noticing how you feel when you imagine yourself standing before a sexy woman in stockings and high heels how that image in a large proportion of men and women is a visual turn on. Just pause the catch the inner glimpse and sparkle of my eyes as I know how much this image turns you on. Giving you a knowing look and beconing you to come closer so close you feel my breath against your neck, taking the lead and inviting you make yourself comfortable. Now isn’t that the place you have always wanted to be guided by a woman who is so intune with her own sexuality that you are finally able to relax and fully let go….

Kristina J - Huddersfield Escort and Sensual seductress