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Strumpet and Crumpet

Strumpet and Crumpet by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Strumpet and Crumpet

They loved each other beyond belief she was a Strumpet he was a thief..

Another word for a prostitute. Not to be confused with a musical instrument or snack that is served with tea its tea and crumpets not tea and strumpets (it could be both)

You play The trumpet not the strumpet lady of the streets prostitute hooker harlot call girl. A woman who unabashedly enjoys sexuality - both her own and that of others. She feels No shame about lust or enjoying her body to its fullest potential. She is a treasure. We are all treasures at join me for some sexual interludes get nude be rude.

A nice bit of crumpet , a sexually desirable woman or one regarded as a sex object.

Many years ago, while visiting friends abroad, they proudly announced on my arrival that they had stocked up on tea and crumpets. "Marvellous!" I beamed. "How thoughtful of you!" But, alas, their bemused expressions belied the joke, akin to telling a Frenchman you had stocked up on baguettes and wine, or a Mexican on tortillas and guacamole. I was, it seemed, a stereotype, and it was a source of much amusement to them that I, as an Englishwoman did actually drink lots of tea and enjoy a good crumpet.

The origin of the word crumpet is a bit of a mystery, although there are theories, including that it developed from the Old English crompid, meaning 'a curled up cake'. As a food, they've been around for at least a couple of hundred years, and have come to represent the very essence of English life. And if crumpets themselves are a mystery to you, you must ... you just must ... get your hands on a lovely bit o' crumpet. With each thick bite, delectably chewy and dripping with butter, you will be transported to a different time on a different plane, where childhood comforts and heavenly deliciousness reign. Oh my. I feel all funny inside. I'm happy to be a stereotype. I'm off to find myself a lovely bit of crumpet right now ...

Are you a fellow crumpeteer?  How do you like yours?  Butter, jam, Marmite, or something more exotic?  Do please trumpet for crumpets

 Kristina J  A strumpets life is full of fun I have something for everyone xx