Stud! by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort


Hi every one, studs or not hope you are well and safe. I have had a few studs in my life the ones who like the chicks and are handsome and dashing (attractive and stylish because of being energetic, exciting, and confident: a dashing young man).

Non STI bumps or “studs” on a mans dick. they are actually inflamed sebaceous glands, that even though they look like they could be something, are not.

Most people agree that these make sex more enjoyable.

  • Stud referring to a group of attractive men
  • Small metal tacks used for construction, repair, holding upholstery together.
  • Metallic bars inserted through peoples various body parts, either in the name of art or stupidity, either one, it just means you were bored and wanted a new hole.
  • A male animal desirable for breeding (like a racehorse).
  • hunk, beefcake, macho-man, man’s man, virile man, strong man. heart-throb, Adonis babe magnet.

Honestly I have met them all and I sort of like the stud type man but basically I just like men, sometimes I like ladies but that is another story, one I am sure you would enjoy.

Kristina J. A good stud will break your headboard not your heart xx