Tall or Small by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Tall or Small

Nanophilia short partner anasteema height Philia (attraction to)  refers to people who are attracted to a person because of their difference in height.  This  preference is to be most likely to be noticed when the man is shorter than his female companion.  Our  society‚Äôs accepts the preference women have for taller Men  but not the reciprocal desire some men have for taller women.   Some men are attracted to small women because they say it makes them feel more significant as a protector and that the small women are more feminine because. the difference in height. The opposite is true for the women.

 Men who are enamoured of tall women often tend to be short themselves.  One such man stated that the attraction for his six foot companion was because then they walked into a room together everyone noticed her beauty and this boosted his self esteem.      The flaw to his reasoning was that his girlfriend was not beautiful by the standards of other people but she was over a foot taller than he and undoubtedly did attract attention when they walked into a room together.. Short men may feel that the height of a partner in some way compensates for their stature,.

Kristina J:   Tall or small I love you all xx