Tantric Massage - The Journey by Kristina J Yorkshire Escort by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Tantric Massage - The Journey by Kristina J Yorkshire Escort

This is a story of how tantric massage can change your capacity to feel and develop more deep, fulfilling routes to sexual pleasure and extended arousal….

I have been meaning to share with you all this experience of tantric massage and tantra over a period if time. I am going to write about my journey with one lovely visitor who over the last few years has committed and put his trust in me, for which I am very grateful. I have permission to share the story and will speak about my experience and their experience. I will refer to the person as Alfie…

Alfie first came to me about 3 years ago and expressed a wish to discover something new and exciting, something that will change everything. At the time I was just beginning to delve into tantric massage properly and suggested we gave it a go. He was a bit hesitant at first but he did say he was open to new ideas. We spoke about where he was and how much more he wanted to learn. We spoke about how he seeks sexual satisfaction and the difference between sexual satisfaction and deep rooted pleasure, how are bodies become to conditioned to the same thing, I won’t bore you with the science here… and how to re programme our bodies to expand into new areas of pleasure. I think there may have been a time or two that his eyes glazed over and I bore the pants off him going into full on sex geekery…

Alfie agreed to have a go at Tantric massage and we set up an initial meeting. He was sceptical and did not believe a word about energy and vibrational states. As I have learnt the only way to overcome this is through experience, experiencing it as your own body level brings awareness to the possibilities. So we started our first session and although there was a little movement of energy and he felt a great deal of pleasure I could feel his resistance. We agreed to another session a few weeks later this was just before my first tantric massage course and I was using basic techniques. Again he said felt good and he had felt good after the last session but know there was more.

I invited him to come back after my first tantric massage course with Somananda and we could explore together. So I was pleased when he came back in the spring of 2017. Using some of the new techniques I had learnt changed everything. After that session his word were wow what a difference that was amazing I have felt pleasure like I have never felt before, this was about the time when I realised that to understand energy and especially sexual energy and how it flows through the body it had the potential to change everything I do.

After that he came to see me about once a month through the summer for sessions between 2 and 4 hours. I could see the more we were doing this the more his body was responding and the more he was feeling. He even said himself that he was really beginning to feel the sexual energy and excitement build up and move more freely and that for him was life changing. One thing he did notice was that over time he was feeling more pleasure when he was masturbating or with someone else and his orgasms were becoming more intense and fulfilling.

I attended my advance tantric massage training with Somananda in January 2018 closely followed by Transformation Alchemy with Andrew Barnes in February. On both these courses I learnt a lot more about the energy elements of tantric massage and how to maximise the energy in the body. In between I was reading everything I could get my hands on about the subtle body and energy work and was at a peak of learning.

Alfie came back in the sprig of 2018 and we started to do some pretty intense energy play, the results were mind blowing for him and for me, we were seeing a very clear flow of energy and greater and extended sexual pleasure reaching right through Alfies body. There were times when we were sessioning together and my hands were not even touching him and he was in wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure. Alfie was totally blown away and wanted to learn more so I recommended a few courses which he went on. He returned I that summer after attending the courses in which he had learnt how to move his own energy. By this time I was in the middle of my sexological bodywork training and learning some pretty intense breath work from Joseph Kramer on the residential as well as what lies behind the phenomenon of energy from an embodied perspective. More sex geekery I won’t bore you with…

I saw Alfie late summer 2018 and started to introduced some breath work. Oh my goodness after our first session in his word he said to me, “I want to go and shout form the roof tops how amazing that was, I had no idea what pleasure was until I started this journey with you’. The results of adding in breath work some tantric some shamanic were simply taking the experience to even higher levels and were beyond anything I had ever witnessed before. Not only was Alfie experiencing heightened sexual pleasure he was also now going into full body orgasms and things were happening for which I have no words for… He came back once a month and each time the experience was deepening as he was opening up more and more to the possibilities and full body orgasms were becoming the norm. In Alfies words. ‘Once you have experienced a full body orgasm, nothing else compares’.

He was telling me that even when he was with other partners his pleasure was intensified and his orgasms were becoming stronger and longer all the time literally pulsing through his body every time he reached climax and they appeared to be going on forever.

I really wanted to share Alfies story to give you an idea of what possible when you commit to discovering and learning. Quite often I get the impression that the thinking is that tantric can change you in one session, this is not the case and I would never advocate that. What I will advocate though is that tantric worked at from both giver and receiver has the potential to change everything bringing a deeper, more fulfilling pleasure than even my imagination thought possible.

There are a lot of benefits of receiving a tantric massage and it can help with so many different sexual challenges but like anything worth having its an ongoing process of exploring, playing and working together for amazing life changing results..

Kristina J - Yorkshire Escort, Tantric Massage practitioner and Sensual Seductress..