Tantric Massage Yorkshire by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Tantric Massage Yorkshire

Devouring the forbidden fruit….

What exactly is Tantric Massage and how does it differ to NURU massage

I often get asked the question what is Tantric Massage as I offer Tantric Massage form my home in Huddersfield Yorkshire as part of my extended list of services.

It’s a really tricky question to answer as there is no right and there is no wrong answer. From my training for me it is about expanding pleasure in your body through opening the gateways that pleasure flows in your body. The word pleasure can be anything form enhanced sexual pleasure to exploring different ways to feel pleasure other than sexual pleasure. There are also some healing elements to Tantric massage which I have been trained in but for the purpose of this blog here I am going to concentrate on pleasure as that is the general intention from most people who visit me for Tantric massage in Huddersfield.

I am specifically trained in the energy side of tantric massage so the intention from my part is about expanding into pleasure thus expanding into awareness. It is a relaxing yet engaging experience with no two tantric massages been the same. Yes Ido use the same concepts but everyones presents as an individual and as such the massage is very much in the moment so it is individual to where you are at in any given moment. Its almost like a journey deep into the heart of pleasure and self awareness with elements of mindfulness if this feels right for you.

Tantric massage is not necessarily body to body massage but it also can be it depends what the intention is of the receiver. Incorporating body to body massage in tantric is more about using my body to glide in long flowing strokes than rubbing my pussy against you in arousal. Given that tantric massage is about relaxation before coming up into pleasure and arousal as the sexual energy expands your awareness the ethos I am working to is the more you relax into it the higher you will come into pleasure as relaxed muscles carry pleasure so much easier though your body then contracted muscles.

NURU massage on the other hand is just a term for a product the NURU gel. I tend not to work with the NURU gel as it can get cold and is a manufactured product. I much prefer a natural high quality hot oil based product. Nuru massage is not so much about expanding awareness to sexual pleasure but more about sensual arousal. Yes I do rub my pussy against your back and leg in NURU and although it is sensual and relaxing it is also arousing and stimulating. This is more so especially when I turn you over and sit astride you as I pour hot oil down my body so it runs off my pussy onto your body, Delicious erotic and very sensual.

I really could go on about the differences here but I deliberately want to keep this blog short and sweet and maybe I will follow up with a more detailed blog on each different massage at some point in the future. Whatever you decide I am sure it will be a sensually wonderful encounter of exploring your erotic potential.

Kisses Kristina J - Huddersfield Escort and Tantric Massage in Yorkshire xx