Teddy bears are us by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Teddy bears are us

Hi all you bear not bare lovers how could you not love a teddy bear. I have a few teddy bear lovers visit me from time to time.

I had a client called Rob. and he loved teddy bears (he liked being bare) don’t ask I will tell you anyway

He (we will call him Rob) started showing me pictures of all these teddy bears. The photos of the Teddy Bears were really cute. I just found it bizarre that all of his wallet photos were of teddy bears. One of them was of him sitting on his bed surrounded by Teddy bears. He also had a picture of a really big bear (life-sized) that he named Robbie.I thought nothing about it, initially. It seemed innocent enough…That was until he told me what he liked to do with those damn bears. Rob got aroused having oral and anal copulation with ‘Robbie’…He further elaborated that he had been in actual threesomes with Robbie…At first I thought he was playing. But as he continued his expression never changed. Rob was being for real. Hell, the way he discussed it he LOOKED like he was getting turned on…I asked Rob had he ever had sex without a bear around. He answered honestly and said no”

The problem was that he brought me a Teddy on all his visits, as much as I loved the Teddies I hoped he had not had sex with them, (nothing worse than a wet Teddy). .he said no but on his visits Teddy had to sit on the end of the bed I would swear he was watching !!!

KRISTINA J. Come have a good time with me don’t bring your Teddy have the real thing x Grrrr