The adventures of Melanie by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

The adventures of Melanie

I have been thinking about sharing this fun story for a while and finally took the time to write it. Another one of many adventures from my swinging days with a wicked twist…

When I first came to Huddersfield from Bristol I was still in the swinging scene although more for the party than the sex at this point. I was lucky as one of my friends had moved up just before me and together we really were partners in crime always up for mischief and having a laugh.

We had spent some time exploring some of the clubs around Yorkshire and they were just not giving us what we wanted and heard the parties were in the North East. Having a place up north we decided to head north having been given a few names of people to contact. I cannot share the names of these people but one name was of a guy I will refer to as Mr X. We had been told that he was running some really good parties in the North East and to look him up, so when I received and invitation to attend a swingers club in the North East I jumped at it and packed my bags for a fun filled night. That is another story I may come onto later. Any way as if by chance myself and my friend were introduced to Mr X and as it turned out he was a friend of the person who had invited us to the club that evening. Bingo there we were in and came away with an invite to his next party in Newcastle.

Now this Mr X had a reputation he was known in the swinging circles as a but of player with some connections. To us he was fair game, and were were quite wicked and loved nothing better than winding someone up for fun. So here’s the plan, we got chatting with Mr X and asked him if it would be possible for my friends sister to come to the party with us, he was a bit hesitant at first until we told him that Melanie was on babe station and was bit of player, soon he began to sit up and notice. The party was three weeks away so this gave us three weeks to really wind him up. Being the practical jokers we are we decided to really go for it and said we could introduce him to Melanie after sending a few photos of her to him and he could text her. We did explain she is very busy and does not have time to speak on the phone. We also told him when she was on babe station so he started to watch to try and get a glimpse of the now all famous Melanie, I remember him texting me one night excited as he had just seen her and wow she was gorgeous. He even began to tell other party goers about her how excited he was that Melanie was going to attend his next party.

Securing our ‘hot phone’ we started to text him as Melanie which he totally bought into saying how much Melanie was looking forward to meeting him, how she had heard all about him and how it would be lovely if he threw the party in her honour.

Well let me tell you it did not take long before all of sudden it was Melanie’s party and how exited he was to meet her. I remember him calling me to tell me how amazing this was and he was utterly thrilled to meet her and counting down the days to the party.

Eventually the day came, I will never forget how he was running around making sure everything was ok and telling everyone all about Melanie who now was running fashionably late. Standing I the same room as him on Melanie’s phone and sending the text to him to say she was just on her way and closing the bridge. I will never forget the big announcement that Melanie was here and the anticipation in the room. Melanie requested that he go down stairs in the lift to let her in as she was feeling a bit nervous about meeting everyone. Off he trott down in the lift to met the infamous Melanie. Unbeknown to him Melanie was a Melon the photo is the very picture of her in the lift. Sneaking her out of the apartment under our jackets we placed Melanie in the lift with a name tag so when he came back up he would see her. I will never forget the look on his face as he got out of the lift with a melon n a basket and we were waiting outside for him laughing. The thing that made it even worse as this guy who had a hell of reputation as a player and party organiser now had to introduce to his guests a melon to which there was great hilarity.

As it was everyone saw the joke and we went on to be really good friends for many years and collaborated to run some events together.

This is just one of may stories of some of the mischief got up to and what made the swinging scene so much fun, for me it was never about the sex it was always about the party.

Melanie has over the years made many appearances and had many adventures all because of a little imagination and a fun sense of humour..

Kisses Kristina J - Huddersfield Escort