The Easter Bunny Rules! by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

The Easter Bunny Rules!

Hi  Guys and gals hope you are all ok and looking forward to Easter I love the Easter  Bunny and the pleasure he brings  (chocolate of course). 

A made up bunny who is known for hiding Easter eggs and giving Easter baskets out to children I was always excited about the Easter Bunny now it takes more than the Easter Bunny to excite me (most of you already know that) 

A creepy creature that goes in all your rooms one night a year and distributes substances meant to slowly poison you over the course of your life. It also hides this substance around your house in the form of eggs, to be discovered by your little children and innocently consumed.

Aunt Bessie died of diabetes, must have been that easter bunny.

I always like to wear red underwear at Easter WHY I do not know its a kink thing as I am partial to red.  

When I was a child (a naughty one) I had a rabbit called LILA. She was a huge big thing intelligent,  just like me,  we that is my friend and I used to let her sit on the sofa with us and sometimes she would bite our bums, the thing is I rather enjoyed it. 

Kristina J Lets play hunt the Choccies you find them I eat them. Xx