The Erotic Massage by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

The Erotic Massage

The choices just keep growing….

The Erotic Massage is carried out on the massage table and allows for a full body massage with happy ending. Ti sis all about your pleasure and you fully receiving pleasure. Its about relaxation and pampering, unlike Tantric massage it is not focused on raising sexual energy but more about a deep tissue massage based on Ayurvedic Massage principals once I have completed my Lomi Lomi training I will be basing the Erotic massage on Lomi Lomi, which is the most beautiful and amazing flowing massage using the hands and forearms…(July 2019 onwards)…

‘The essence of Lomi Lomi - KaHuna Massage and philosophy dates back thousands of years to the days of myth and magic. Today much of the myth have vanished, but the magic definitely endures through magic touch….’

You will be offered a range of massage oils from Organic Coconut oil to Jojoba Oils and even a selection of hand made temple oils for you to indulge yourself and relax into the sensual and erotic sensations…

Within the erotic massage I am incorporating the bossy massage which is where you ask given the opportunity to ask for exactly what touch you want and where you want the touch. This is a fun game to play around with asking for what you want and being fully met in that. Its a great practice in really understanding and being able to voice exactly what you want and one of my most important pieces of training I have received to date.

The bossy massage is an option of the erotic massage and if you choose just to simply receive and indulge then that is also perfect with me.

So just imagine being massaged by a lady in lingerie and having the space and time to drop into receiving pleasure, who does not want more pleasure in their lives?

The massage ends how you choose it to end and as I am passionate about meeting you where you are at it is about it is your choice on how you want to receive the ultimate pleasure and what works for you…..

Kisses Kristina J - Yorkshire Escort….