The invasion by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

The invasion

 Last week I was on holiday with the lovely Mandi-Su we had a fantastic time, but as always when I am away I was looking forward to getting back. I went home last weekend, not my apartment in Huddersfield but home. Upon arriving I was greeted by the invasion of Mice – yes with the turn of the weather the little blighters had decided to make themselves quite at home in the house. There they were snuggled up on the sofa telly on, tea, cheese and biscuits on the table. Not quite but you get the picture they were loving it!!! Out came the mouse traps filled with Nutella which proved irresistible to them and one by one they were snapped up so to speak…..


Word must have got around the neighbourhood because they kept coming in like an army of gate crashers and over the weekend I caught a record amount of the rodents making their way into a warm dry house. Recognising that I cannot be there all the time to manage the invasion of the army of Mice I have been and purchased 2 resident Mouse Catchers – yes Cats. They are been collected at weekend and will be deployed in the house as my eyes and ears – in fact they have better ears than me and more reactive vision. I am hoping they will set to work and patrol the house and the immediate area so next time I go home I will not have to fight with the mice for space on the sofa or for the remote control and find notes on the fridge asking for more Cheese.

Kisses Kristina Yorkshire Escort xx