The Lioness and the Wolf… by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

The Lioness and the Wolf…

There is nothing I love more than a game of erotic predator prey, knowing and understanding my own predator power and desire to pin you down and take exactly what I want from you, you can imagine how exciting it is for me when the Lioness spys a lone Wolf walk into her den, especially when he is a new Wolf on the block and just exploring his power

Game on she thinks to herself with wry smile new prey, this wolf needs to be taught a lesson. This Wolf needs to face his match not prey on the prey of Giselle’s.

So after a game of cat and mouse or Wolf and Lioness. where the Lioness was luring her prey in a very subtle way of knowing looks we finally met eye to eye. Just standing there looking at each other eyeing each other up with excitement building the Lioness moves behind the Wolf and grabs him from behind pulling him into her. In a swift move that she knows so well she covers his mouth with one hand sliding the other hand over his neck. Her breath was so close he could feel it on his face. Whispering in his ear, so you are a Wolf ad do you know you have just walked into the den of a Lioness and while I will let the Lion play with me and the cubs jump all over me when you my dear Wolf walking into my den makes you my prey. She felt the goose bumps over his body as the shiver travelled down his spine.

A few minutes later…

The Lioness was on the bed with the Wolf on top of her, pinning her down, ‘look into my eyes’, he demanded. She opened her eyes meeting the dark eyes of the Wolf and seeing a look she knows only too well, that primal sexual energy souring through his eyes. She held his gaze for a while taking it in and meeting his gaze with a look that says, so you think you are going to take what you want from me really…. With three deep breaths and mustering all her sexual energy into erotic dominance she took one swipe which put him on his back. Looking deep into the Wolfs eyes the Lioness pinned him down and taunted him with the words, ‘you are going to have to do much better than that Mr Wolf!’. He growled at her as she pulled his hair forcing his head down onto bed. Her breath so close using all her energy to hold him down her body against his she could feel his excitement pushing into her legs his erection growing and his body contracting against hers, smiling to herself at his pending sexual arousal but knowing this is where her power is.

‘So you want me do you?’, she taunted him. ‘Open your eyes and look at me and tell me how much you want me, I can feel you, I can feel your excitement against me and it turns me on’. The Wolf locked eyes with her again with the look of predator and the Lioness recognised the desires she could see deep in him. ‘So Mr Wolf you want to take me rip me to pieces, fuck me till I can take no more than cast me aside like prey when you are done, you want to see the surrender the place where the fight gives up to sexual passion and lust takes over?”. Smiling at him while still pinning him down she brought her head closer to his. ‘Yes I see it, yes I see you and yes I see me in you, but this time you are going give me what I want aren’t you?’ Seeing the look of slight submission in his eyes as he pulled back but still remaining hard pushing into her, he sighed and seeing deep into her eyes he whispered in a soft growl with defiance, ‘I know exactly what you want.’ This angered the Lioness and she pushed him further down onto the bed so he could feel her full weight against him. Pulling his hair a little harder just enough to pull his head back and expose his neck she wrapped her mouth onto his neck and sunk her teeth in just enough for the Wolf to feel them. “So Mr Wolf who thinks he knows everything about me, what is it that you think I want?’, she purred as if to taunt him. Smiling to herself and thinking what could this Wolf, this new predator that had walked into my den possibly know, let alone how can he show such audacity as tell me he knows what I want. Feeling her annoyance rise with the Wolf she locked eyes with him met by pure defiance and yet she saw so much desire, longing and sexual tension rising in him she could feel the erotic electricity between then begin to spark with so much ferocity it was nearly lighting up the room. The Wolf Smiled up at the Lioness and with confidence that he instinctly knows is magnetic to the Lioness said in a very alluring sexy voice, ‘What you want my dear Lioness is to be challenged, now be a good Lioness and take you claws out of my hair and your teeth from around my neck and lay down and let me show you what this Wolf can do’. The Lioness took a breath she was intrigued no one had ever challenged her before and this appealed to her curiosity, she was also very turned on by his confidence and felt herself getting wet at the thought. Closing her eyes for a while and feeling her excitement rise she took a few deep breaths, slowly but unsurely she released the grip she had on him. God damn that Wolf he excites me with his alluring self assurance and as he is just beginning to explore his raw primal energy of passion and dominance maybe on this occasion she may just let her guard down. Softening but only slightly she meets his eyes again, and in a taunting but playful way with slight agitation at his effect on her she whispers in his ear, ‘Go on then Mr Wolf, Mr know it all show me what you can do, I challenge you to do your best but after you have done with me then it’s my turn on you and I swear to god I am going to take everything from you until you cannot take any more!’

A few minutes later….

The Lioness is laid on her back with the Wolf on top of her. He is pressing in to her trying to weaken her body, working on her erotic pressure points and de-amouring her of her dominance she can feel the force of him and its turning her on, in fact the more he presses on the magical points the more the Lioness writhers in erotic ecstasy that is running through her body. He grabs her hair and pulls it hard expecting to control the Lioness but this just turns her on more and she groans in ecstasy. The Lioness looks up at him and meets his gaze which is now pure dominance, smiling at him she laughs and taunts him, ‘I thought you was going to challenge me and all you are doing is tickling me, go on be the Wolf, be the predator but make the most of it because when you have finished with me I am going to eat you alive!’.

Her defiance turned him on more and he could feel his anger rise with her taunting that he gave it all he has got, pinning her down and pulling her hair as hard as he could he jarred his fingers in the side of her ribs, again hitting the erotic trigger points. The Lioness smiled to herself in wonderment this Wolf knows all the right places to weaken the body to force the surrender how does he know this, not only is he confident and self assured he knows what he is doing too. This made her despise the Wolf even more but that in itself turned her on and arose her curiosity and excitment. The Lioness wriggled, laughed and made noises that she did not even know where possible. Slowly the wolf found his way between in her legs and slid his fingers into her, he knew all the right places to touch, this was different this was a touch to create submission as he pressed inside her hitting her G spot with just enough pressure to create a sharp tingling feeling flooding through her body while pressing on her stomach. The Lioness wriggled and laughed and wriggled again, she was not going to surrender to him, feeling highly turned on she looked up at him and muttered, ‘Come on then challenge me!’. The Wolfs hand came up onto her chest and pushed her back down on the bed as the force inside her increased. The Lioness smiled to herself as her tactic to get him to push himself just a little harder worked. Increasing the pressure on the right spots The Wolf was working the Lioness up into a frenzy of pleasure and pain, he could feel her getting wet around his hand, opening to him. She was aching for him now she wanted him inside her now and he knew it. Screaming in pleasure and excitement, he pulled her hair pulling her head back. His dark eyes wild with excitement meeting her blue eyes, ‘Go on ask for it he demanded of her!’ Seeing his eyes widening even further with excitement and yet remaining self assured herself, knowing this is where she has him, ‘No, never!’ Refusing to admit her arousal even though he knew it and she knew he knew it just angered the Wolf and this anger excited him. His eyes wide with excitement he said in an aggressive tone, “I am going to take what I want from you then’. Looking at him with pure dominance now in her eyes yet so turned on she dared him, ‘Go on then do your best but I am not going to surrender you are not going to break me!’

He pushed himself on top of her hard between her legs, meeting the flowing juices of her wet pussy be began to thrust in to her with just the right force to really hit the spots that turned her on. She could feel him getting hard inside her, he had a beautiful cock thrusting deep into her making her moan with pleasure and excitement. Feeling his weight on top of driven by his anger and frustration she had sparked in him and feeling it turn into raw primal passion, he wanted blood guts the lot, he wanted her to scream, laugh and cry with desire for him, he wanted her surrender, he wanted to take what he wanted he was not playing her games anymore… He wanted to rip this cocky Lioness to pieces totally see her surrender the self assured little bitch she could be. She knew she turned the Wolf on, she knew how much power she had over him but this time was different when he had done he was just going to get up and walk away that would teach this Lioness a lesson she would never forget the Wolf was in charge now and don’t she ever forget it…

The Lioness on the other hand had other ideas….

The Lioness writhed in ecstasy, never had she felt so desired and so turned on but she knew she could not let this Wolf win she could not give him the upper hand. Taking some time to feel into her dominance and power, using all the sexual passion and energy the Wolf was creating she was not going to let him get the better of her. Breathing up her power and in a wonderful alchemy turning all that lust and sexual excitement into raw energy into physical force, before he knew what had hit him the Wolf was flat on his back. All the Lionesses aggression coming to full force she pushed him down hard into the bed and forced herself on top of him. “I don’t fucking think so My Wolf!’ She exclaimed her breasts forced into his mouth so he could not even reply. Why would any self assured Lioness let a Wolf get the better of her, she was going to have him now, she was going to show him what it is like to be taken from, no way could she allow him to use her like that and get away with it. She forced herself down on his hard cock and rode him with all the aggression and anger that had been building into sexual energy. Pulling his hair down onto the bed she could feel him throbbing inside her, he felt like he was about to explode. Stopping as suddenly as she started her pussy juice running down his engorged cock. ‘I don’t fucking think so, you are not ruining my pleasure for your own gratification!’ She declared with a taunting laugh. Seeing the frustration in his eyes she knew this is where she has him. He tried to thrust into her again which annoyed her. Her hand ripped into his hair, and the other around his throat. ‘If you thrust again I will punish you, do you understand’ she snarled at him. The Wolf looked at her and sensing a sense of surrender to her passion, and overcome by her desire he nodded. But not before taunting her with the words he knew would make her fuck him just that little bit harder. ‘Go on then Lioness show me your best you are after all supposed to be Lioness so act like one!’. This did exactly what the Wolf hoped it would and raged the Lioness she rode the life out of him and just to add to the intensity her hands went to the trigger points on his shoulders , the ones she knows triggers his anger and passion all at the same time. He screamed in ecstasy and deep rooted pain of the feeling of is this allowed it annoyed him that she knew the power this spot has for him. Feeling the guilt rise up and the years he had been told that things like this were bad, were naughty, were simply not allowed. That bitch had hit his raw spot and mixed it with passion he was so turned on that even the guilt felt erotic. The naughtiness the excitement of being the person he was told he was not allowed to be turned him on to fever pitch point. Fuck them all, all those who said this isn’t right, this is wrong, this makes us a bad person. What the fuck do they know about passion, lust and desire, this thought the Wolf is fucking awesome, this thought the Wolf is where I am fully alive and allowed to be myself.

Feeling her wet pussy gripping his hard cock and she rode him and taunted him all at the same time. Telling him he was not going to cum until she had exploded all over his cock, that his cock was hers created a sense of being totally desired by the Lioness. Finally surrendering to her will and her desire to make herself cum on his cock he sunk into the bliss full state of sexual ecstasy. Feeling every stroke of her hot wet pussy riding up and down his cock he had no choice but to let her take what she wanted from him. If he wanted to cum the Wolf knew he had to play the Lionesses game. He knew that this was where the real passion was the point between the fight with the Lioness and surrender that sweet spot of blissfulness, eroticism and damn sexual excitement. He looked in the Lionesses blue eyes which were shining back at him wild with passion and desire yet playful and almost soft at the same time. ‘Ok he said I surrender, you win take me, I am yours Lioness’, and with that smiling to herself, she understood where her power is as she rode him and used him before her soft wet pussy exploded in rhythms of deep contractions all over his hard cock…. Smiling down at the self assured, confident Wolf and watching his face slip into a sexual trance she gently sunk her lips into his in a full deep passionate kiss lingering and slow pulling him further under her erotic spell. Whispering in his ear with so much passion and playfulness, ‘Well Mr Wolf, if you want to come I guess you are going to have to beg!’ She let out a naughty laugh, The Wolf thought to himself god damn that Lioness this time she’s had me but next time I am going to teach her a lesson she so badly needs to learn…

Kisses Kristina Yorkshore Escort - Erotic Arts Temptress xx