The request….. The Clients Story by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

The request….. The Clients Story

I was lucky enough to receive this sort in my in box yesterday and wanted to share it as its too good not to share.

Part 2 to follow


I was terrified when I first contacted Kristina. Quite honestly, I thought she’ll think I’m an idiot, show me the door and ask me to nail it shut on my way out.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Of course, it didn’t stop me sitting there, shaking like a leaf and wondering if she had a fire escape I could run down while she wasn’t looking.

‘I was hoping you could sit on my face,’ I tell her, ‘as a form of punishment.’ I quickly add that I don’t mean that in a bad way. I’ve seen photos of her buttocks on the internet and know – without having seen it in the flesh – that being anywhere near her bottom is on a par with sliding through the gates of heaven.

I’ve always had this fantasy, you see. I’m an enemy agent, captured by the other side and ruthlessly interrogated. When they realise they’re getting nowhere, they hand me over to Captain Kristina, their most feared inquisitor. She’s never failed to break a man, so I know I’m in trouble.

Secured to a bed, with my arms and legs spread wide, and vulnerably naked, I can only look up in helpless alarm as she approaches. She’s wearing a black basque, stockings, suspenders and a tiny pair of panties. Dear God. I know she means business …

Taking hold of my cock, she quickly rubs it into life. I struggle to remain limp but no man can resist Kristina.

‘Tell me everything you know,’ she says quietly, ‘and I’ll empty your balls.’

‘Never!’ I reply. ‘You won’t break me with your hand!’

‘Oh, I think I will,’ she replies, and rubs me a little faster. ‘Every man begs me to spill him. In the end…’

‘I can’t,’ I hiss, through gritted teeth. ‘Too many lives depend on me.’

She leans in close and gives a little chuckle. ‘You haven’t got a chance,’ she says. ‘Surrender to me now … and I might even fuck you.’

She doesn’t mean it, of course, she’s only teasing me. The way she teases all the men she tortures. Getting them to spill their guts … in return for relief between her legs.

‘Go to hell,’ I snap at her, though already my cock is beginning to twitch. ‘I’m not betraying my friends … however much you wank me!’

Her face softens and it’s hard to believe she has such a ruthless reputation. It’s part of her act, of course, to draw a man in. To offer him the chance of pleasure as she breaks him…

‘I’m going to take you the edge of joy,’ she whispers. ‘One little jerk away from coming.’ She tilts her head and regards me quizzically. ‘You’ll want it so badly,’ she adds. ‘To empty yourself into my hand. For me to drain your balls …’

‘Please, no!’ I cry as a spear of delight stabs at my groin.

‘You want to come!’ she cries in turn. ‘You want to come so badly, don’t you? You want to spill your load!’

I throw my head from side to side and push my cock high, through the channel of her fingers. Cruelly, she slackens her grip, denying me the friction I desperately crave.

‘Tell me what I want to know,’ she repeats, ‘and I’ll make you happy with my hand …’

‘I can’t! Please! I can’t!’ I whimper as she pumps me gently – sufficient to arouse, but not enough to bring me off. ‘I can’t betray my friends!’

‘Then you leave me no choice,’ she sighs, sliding her fingers to the base of my shaft and jiggling my balls. I hollow my back and my cock gives a little kick. It’s a pointless gesture and serves only to increase my despair.

‘I know your weakness,’ she mutters. ‘I know what frightens you.’ Her hand tightens a little as I give another useless jolt. ‘I know how to break you with my body …’

An icy finger traces its way down my spine and I shiver nervously.

Kristina leans in closer still and breathes warm air against my skin.

‘I have a hole in my bottom,’ she whispers crudely. ‘A tiny little hole…’

A cold knot forms in the pit of my belly and I groan. This can’t be happening! Dear God … how does she know?

‘Do you want to see it?’ she giggles. ‘Do you want to look at my anus?’

‘No, I fucking don’t!’ I scream, and promptly wish I hadn’t.

‘Of course you don’t,’ she murmurs carelessly. ‘Because it frightens you, doesn’t it? That tiny little hole a woman keeps inside her bottom…’

Releasing my cock, she stands up and slides her panties down, tossing them aside. Before I know what’s happening, she has climbed onto the bed and straddled my chest with her back towards me.

With one hand she reaches behind and tugs at a buttock. In spite of myself, I look up, gazing into the long, perfect chasm of her crack. Deep in the centre, the shadowy mouth of her anus winks back at me as if to say … “I’m coming for you. There’s no escape…”’

‘Can you see my wicked hole?’ she inquires cruelly. With my gaze locked on the proud, pulsing fissure of her anus, I can see nothing else. ‘Can you see the darling little opening into my bottom?’

‘Please don’t do this to me,’ I mutter thinly, my voice crackling with fear. ‘Take it away, Kristina, please … take it away!’

‘If you want me to take it away,’ she answers flatly, ‘then tell me what I want to know. Tell me the names of your fellow-agents.’

I throw my head from side to side, whimpering like a scolded child. ‘I can’t! Please! I can’t!’

The sight of her anus terrifies me. I read a story once, where a naked young nurse smothered a man unconscious with her rear end. He had broken into the nurses’ home with malicious intent. To defend herself, she wrestled him to the ground – while the other nurses held him down – sat on his face … and didn’t get off until he stopped moving. Ever since then, the thought of being sat on, of having a woman take me into her bottom and ride my head like that … terrifies me senseless.

Without warning, Kristina lowers her magnificent hips and positions her anus directly over my nose …

‘What are you doing? Please!’ I whimper. ‘This is wrong! Please! This is wrong!’

‘It’s up to you,’ says Kristina. ‘Tell me what I want to know … or I’ll rub my little hole all over you.’ She giggles crudely. ‘And then I’ll make you kiss it…’

‘God help me, someone!’ I cry as a hot, salty tear rolls down my cheek. ‘Don’t sit on my face, please! Don’t make me kiss your little hole!’

‘It’s your decision,’ she reminds me bluntly. ‘The names of all your contacts … or I smother you with my arse!’

As the fear wells up in my stomach, I sob freely, more frightened now than I’ve ever been.

‘I can’t!’ I weep miserably. ‘God help me, I can’t!’

‘Then you leave me no choice,’ says Kristina grimly, as she lowers her hips … and wraps my squealing face between her buttocks.

Written by one of my blog readers to express what his desires are should he ever meet me

Shared with permission of the Author.

Kristina J - Yorkshire Escort x