The scenario another adventure by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Here is another very sexy adventure written by one of my lovely visitors which I have permission to share…

The scenario another adventure

I had received a short stern email instructing me to visit her house in Huddersfield, what could this be about??? The day had come, I parked up and climbed the steps to her house before nervously ringing the door bell… I could hear the haunting sound of Kristina’s heels as she strided purposefully to the door…..

Kristina looked as stunning as ever in a figure hugging dress, I couldn’t help but look at her gorgeous cleavage. Kristina had noticed this and immediately lifted my chin until our eyes met, menacingly saying you do know why you’re here Mark don’t you ?????? ‘No no’, I stuttered, ‘Well maybe I can remind you? I think you know who stopped my big promotion?????’ My heart was thumping as my predicament quickly sunk in… It was me and Ruby that had stopped Kristina’s big promotion by spreading melicous lies so that K wouldnt have even more power and be able to move Ruby to a different office !!!!!!

Ruby and I had made a pact of secrecy to each other, so there was no way that Kristina could possibly know the truth and why was it just me that had been ordered to Ks house ?????? Kristina was staring deep into my eyes as she slowly circled me while I repeatedly called her bluff and denied any knowledge of who it was….. ‘Mmmm it’s looking like we may have to do things the hard way!!! I can see I need a different method to make you talk!!!!’ ‘Maybe my little suprise upstairs might help you to remember things’, K whispered sexily????? I could see Ks suspenders through her dress as it tightened around her gorgeous bottom as I followed her to the top of the stairs… K put a finger over my lips to shush me before slowly opening the door!!!!!!

It revealed Ruby strapped spread eagled to a leather cross wearing only stilletoes stockings and suspenders with matching panties, she was blindfolded and oblivious that we were there!!!!!! K quickly lead me away into her dressing room, grinning from ear to ear with pleasure as she told me that Ruby had already told her absolutely everything !!!!! ‘What are you going to do now Mark???’ ‘I think if you’re going to keep you’re job you need to strip naked and then do exactly what I instruct you to do from now on’ !!!!!!!’ I Nervously agreed and took off all my clothes in preparation for pleasing Kristina…. ‘Do you like panties Mark?’ ‘Yes Mistress I love a lady in nice lingerie’, ‘Maybe I meant panties on you” K giggled as she teased her nails over my tightened balls before making me try various pairs on, I couldn’t help but be aroused as my cock was rapidly hardening at my impromptu modelling session!!!!

Kristina was threatening to take photos so that she could own me forever, my mind was all over the place….. ‘Please please don’t let Ruby see me wearing these panties’ I whimpered as Kristina teased the chosen pair perfectly over my throbbing cock, the sensual feel of the delicate material only making me even harder .... K was thriving on her power over me, ‘Mmmmm nothing turns me on more than having total control over a weak man!!!!!’ ‘Now unzip my dress and get on your knees…’ K stepped out of her dress revealing her stunning lingerie and pressing her beautiful bottom firmly into my face giving me taste of what was to come!!!!

‘Now I think that naughty Miss Ruby needs to be taught a lesson in loyalty don’t you Mark???’ ‘Yes Mistress I muttered !!!!’ ‘When we go back into my dungeon you are to remain silent and not let her know you’re in there with me then I want you to gently stroke, nibble and kiss Ruby’s helpless body all the way from her cuffed wrists down to her cuffed heels, then I want you to lower her panties down to her thighs and very slowly start to lick her pussy, do you understand Mark??????’ ‘Yes Mistress!!!!’ ‘And don’t forget that Ruby has already confessed to everything!!!!!!’

Back in the dungeon I followed Mistresses orders. Rubys skin tasted so nice as I teased my way down her sensitive body, she was wriggling against the soft ticklish touch of my fingers, lips and tongue as I worked my way down to her heels….

K just stood back basking in the control that she had over us both, knowing that blindfolded Ruby would think it was K that was pleasuring her…. Now on my knees and lowering Ruby’s panties over her suspenders exposing her perfect pussy I leaned forward and slid my tongue inside her making her thrust and gyrate herself onto me!!!! This was when things took a sinister twist the silence was shattered by K shouting!!!!! ‘For one final time Ruby who stopped my big promotion?????’ ‘Was it Mark ????’ Ruby panicked amongst all the confusion, she now knew that there was 2 people in the room!!!! I was still following instructions and licking frantically in a state of panic, K was tormenting Ruby’s breasts with a flogger as she demanded!!!!!! ‘Was it Mark????’ ‘Yes yes it was Mark!!!’

What the fk was happening I’d been tricked!!!! Kristina had no knowledge of who stopped her promotion, she’d played us against each other….... She smiled wickedly at me as I realized that I’d been used by her!!! My heart was pounding what should I do???? Feeling humiliated dressed in just soft lacy panties my erection pulsating at the sight of two gorgeous ladies!!! I had no choice but to remain K’s slave and keep following orders….. ‘Good, good girl Ruby!!!!!’ ‘I wish Mark was here don’t you? then we could both punish him together!!!!!!’ ‘Maybe he is here’, Kristina teased, ‘maybe he’s already told me that you both betrayed me!!!’ ‘What, what do you mean he can’t be here?????’ Ruby gasped as her blindfold is removed!!!!!!!

K had placed me onto the whipping bench, my panty clad bottom sticking in the air was the first sight that greeted Rubys disbelieving eyes!!! Mistress took great pleasure in releasing Ruby from the cross and positioning her bent over in front of me with her bottom in my face as she proceeded to punish me with the flogger, ‘now this would make a good photo for the office’, Mistress laughed wickedly….... My own personal torment had now begun… Bottom reddened, I was now taken to a bedroom that was full of toys and devices, what were they going to use on me ?????? Instructed to lay on the bed I was then securely chained spread eagled facing upwards gagged and blindfolded !!!

Helplessly Stretched and vulnerable they had prepared me for my torment and their pleasure!!!! My new Mistresses then draped themselves over my body and started to tease me with feather like strokes of their perfectly manicured talons slowly finding and exploiting every single one of my ticklish spots driving me into a frenzy as I writhed frantically against my bonds in pain and pleasure which made them both giggle with pure delight at my torment !!!! Tickle torture finally over, I could feel my panties being slid down over my balls releasing my rock hard cock for them to play with!!!!! I was so scared but yet so aroused and desperate to please my two Mistresses !!!! I would do anything for them to both fk me!!!!! What were they going to do to me?????? How would it all end ??????

Only Mistress and Ruby had the answers????????

Kristina J Huddersfield Escort