Things I would like to do to you by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Things I would like to do to you

When you visit me this is what I like to do undress you. I will take it slow and easy kiss and fondle as I go.

Start with your shirt and slide it sensually off your back with both hands. It is nice to take in your masculine aroma. I will make you feel very special.

To avoid a hopeless muddle I remove your footwear before going for your pants. Then in preparation for undoing the zipper massage your penis through the fabric, after opening your fly slipping my hand in and around your penis And testicles to protect them as I slide your pants down and off. Fondling through your underpants before I lift the elastic over your erection and glide them slowly down your thighs.

I have just unwrapped a very special package.

Kristina J - Yorkshire Escort xx