Tie and Tease by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Tie and Tease

The excitement of letting go into an erotic tie and tease fun of sensuous delights…..

You have walked into my room, looking around taking in the surrounding of a boudoir that’s screams erotic and sexy. Music and lighting setting the ambiance. I come up behind you and whisper in you ear in a soft voice which purrs with passion that I would like you to remove your clothes. Although my voice is soft there is a command that you will obey. I leave the room instructing you to lay naked on the bed and wait for me. Your breath deepens as you watch me walk out the room and in anticipation you remove your clothes lay on my bed and breathe in the surroundings. As I walk back into the room I tell you, you are mine to do with as I wish. My fingers gently run over you naked body just pausing slightly in the right places, I walk round you and catch you taking in my 6ft structure. Climbing on to the bed and sitting on your thighs my hands and nails run across your torso, down your upper legs. Sliding myself off I can now use my hands to feel your body and excitement growing below me. I can hear your breathing deepen and see your lips parting. You are all mine – my play thing and am I going to play with you.

I slip the restraints onto your arms and legs and secure you to the bed my hands barely leaving your body, pulling the restraints tight I hear you gasp. Moving my body over yours I reach for the blindfold, gently covering your eyes you are forced into yourself and now led only by your senses. I slide my body over yours you can feel my nipples rubbing against you and my pants still in place rubbing up against your legs. Moving slowly together until you are relaxed I tease you. Stopping I ask what you what you want. Your reply is a slight moan of sexual anticipation. Anticipation that needs to be controlled and managed.

Reaching for the oil I fill my hands with it and dribble it over your body till you are covered in warm liquid. I leave the bed and remove my pants, running them over your face and body before dropping them on the floor. I slide my body over yours erotically and sensually rubbing my body against yours in an oily fusion. I can see your excitement between your legs but I refuse to touch you. Moving up to your ear I ask again what you want, your answer is me. My fingers wander down to the hardness between your legs and you moan throwing your head back as I drag my fingers across you. So you want me do you?? I am not ready yet and neither are you. I turn my body around and very slowly and sensually run my wet pussy over your face just enough so you can nearly taste me, pausing and letting out a gasp.

My mouth wanders down to you and I very slowly take you in my mouth gently running my teeth over you as I feel you throb and hear you moan. Yes I have you now all mine cock throbbing, heart racing, breath slowing. My warm wet mouth starts to take you into me and you can feel the moistness of me. You tell me you want to cum to which I answer I know you do.

I turn around and cover you with a condom before gently just placing your hard cock at the entrance of my tight pussy. Lifting my body up and down gently just over the end you feel my pussy getting wet. I slide right down on you before lifting myself off you totally. I ask you what you want – your reply is that you would like me to fuck you. I move my mouth up to ears you feel the warmth of my breath against you and whisper I know you do. Your breath stops as you catch yourself.

Now it’s time for me to decide do I reward you with an orgasm or do I deny you the pleasure. Submitted to my will and committed to my desire - like I said you are all mine….....

Kisses Kristina Yorkshire Escort xxx