Timekeeping and Timewasters by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Timekeeping and Timewasters

​Hello Lovely visitors

This blog is written for the minority, I know some of you regular visitors will struggle to understand the rudeness of people but spend a few days in my shoes and you would be shocked.

So I am just putting this out there to avoid any confusion this year and also as I am becoming increasingly busy professionally, privately and with other projects it is important that I value my time and I ask the same common curtesy of anyone planning a visit. I know you would think it is not too much to ask but unfortunately for some it is.


If you have a booking please try to stick to the booked time as much as possible. If you are running late please do not take it that I will be able to extend the appointment as, as much as I would like to its very rare that I am able to without impacting on my rest time in between which is important to refresh and get ready and other people. Also in the same respect if yplease don’t arrive 15 minutes early for your pre booked appointment expecting me to be ready. I have had people arrive 30 minutes early and complain that I am not ready. If you do arrive early it is perfect acceptable to text me to let me know you are early and if I am ready then I will happy see you early or with notice I will do my best to get ready early where I can.

You can just imagine the chaos that is caused by someone running 15 minutes late followed by someone running 20 minute early. If by chance you are running late please do tell me as if you more than 15 minutes late and not had the curtesy to let me know then please take it the your appointment will be cancelled and all future appointments will require a deposit.

If I am running late I wil tell you as soon as I know but generally I run on time as much as possible as I don’t like to be late and value your time as much as value my own time.


No Shows

If you have an appointment and go through the confirmation process and very rudely don’t show then I will mark you down as a time waster. As such any appointments you wish to book in the future, and yes you would be surprised how many do. I will require a deposit and you will loose any offers of discounted booking fees. To be fair I get very few people that are so rude and just don’t show up but I do get them from time to time and in all honesty if you are a time waster I really don’t want you wasting my time.

Do not confirm on the day

For those that have made an advance booking and not confirmed on the day by 10am when I send the confirmation text at 8am the morning of the booking then I also mark these people as booked an appointment and did not confirm on the day. For these people I won’t offer pre booked appointments again just same day bookings as again I don’t want my diary full of people who are not going to confirm on the day as these take up appointments that genuine visitors may have liked to book.

I am trying to free up enough time for my genuine visitors and the more of the time wasters that I weed out the more that enables genuine bookings which given my availability in the last few months is what the genuine valued people out there want.

If you have an appointment and you need to cancel it just let me know, that is all I ask which I know is not a lot but you would be surprised for some that is just too much.

Any way on a positive note I am very much looking forward to spending my time with values and genuine visitors and having some much needed fun.

Kisses Kristina J Huddersfield Escort xx