Touch by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort


Quite often people will say to me I have a great touch, I smile as I know it is learnt touch and also a very conscious touch.

When my hands caress over your body they are not just touching they are feeling your body and sensing the slightest nuances in which I then read to know and understand where you are craving touch most and also pick up signals as to where you are at in any given moment.

Have you ever wondered why when you are in receipt of touch and caressing you think I could just do with touch in a certain place or if only she would touch me here. These are the signals I pick up from your body by tuning in and really sensing, some people say oh you read my mind,, a little secret, that’s not possible but I did read your body responses with my subconscious. I do this by dropping out of my mind into my body so even though my hands and fingers are caressing it’s my body that’s responding not my mind. The only time my mind comes into it is the base line knowledge of the pleasure lines in your body but these are by no way the same for everyone.

Touch is so important in our lives it was the first of our senses to develop as a baby and plays such an impotent part in our lives. We are humans and as humans have a desire to connect with others in a positive and reformative way. Touch is one of the primal ways we do this and when we receive quality of touch that fully meets our needs it is to be truly met and seen.

Some of you may notice that when I touch in full presence my breathing changes, this is because the more I breath the more I feel so when I use my breath to support me I am feeling and sensing so much more. In fact one of my favourite saying when I am in intimacy with another is breathe, and the more you breathe the more you feel, so many of you will have heard me say this. Touch can say so much more than just simple touch it can say I see you, I have you I support you and I embrace you. Learning to talk through the sensation of touch is probably one of the most powerful things I have done and is the baseline of all my sessions as it creates a sense of telling you non verbally that you are safe and secure and you can relax into the session knowing full well I have your back.

I use touch to go deeper so the touch is more than superficial surface level I am going deep into your body with a full understanding that the body keeps the score and holds our memories this is psychosomatic learning, I won’t bore you with the details. What I will share with you is that when I go deep into the body this really ramps up the intensity of the intimacy and sessions as we are now on a journey I am reading every bit of your body through my highly attuned senses which leads to mind blowing sessions.

Touch can be fast or slow, hard or soft gentle or intense and combined with breath work is sensational. I love it when I say to someone have you just gone tingly and they reply yes. I then get up close and whisper in their ear how did I know that? This is the magic of really sensing of really finely attuning my ability to sense and in this being able to take you on a journey deep into your senses and as you in turn awakening you to your full erotic potential.

Also the more we slow things down the more we feel and notice and when it comes to erotic stimulus this is pure magic so quite often you will find that I really slow down in touch so you can connect and feel then follow it up at precisely the right time with something firm and fast to bring. I simply just love playing around with touch it has so many possibilities and is after one as a human one of our basic needs.

Kristina J - Huddersfield Escort Sensual seductress and erotic playmate xxx