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Yet another new twitter account

So while I have been away on holiday in India have been working had creating another twitter account.

I have been working away finding a way round twitter robots. It appears that once you have been suspended then its really difficult to have another account. I have therefore had to jump trough a few hoops to create a twitter account not linked to my suspended account. Anyway we will have to see how it goes but for all the people that like to follow me if you would like my nw account details just drop me a line and I will send you a link. The best way to contact me is by whatsap or email as I can respond to them from here no problem.

Thank you to my twitter fans for bearing with me as I know my twitter presence has been turbulent but rest assured I am still here and have some pretty exciting things planned for 2020 including new photos and a website redesign so do keep following me to keep in touch with what I am up to.

Kisses Kristina J Yorkshire Escort