Twitter update…. by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Twitter update….

I know how many of you love to follow my twitter so here is an update..

Last week my twitter account got taken down by a group of people referring to themselves as the Cyber Soldiers. They are an activist group that appears to be based in India targeting mostly hate sites and fake news sites and the odd adult site. Their intention is to,in their eyes clean up the internet and use slogans like 'we are watching you'.

When my twitter account was taken down to say I was pissed of is an understatement it Brough up feelings of being marginalised and this is a trigger for me as this is what pushes sex work deeper underground and makes it more dangerous for us ladies and also you punters. The trigger it pushes is anger of seeing stigmatised for my life choices. At least I learnt something about one of my triggers so that's always a positive.

I had a few days go pulling my hair out thinking why do I bother and then on Friday after a long drive with some loud music I came to the 'fuck it', attitude that I am not gong to let these people get me down so created a new twitter account. If you want the details please do mail me and I will send them over for you.

I have learnt that if you have an account suspended and use the same email address and phone number to open an account then that account will also be suspended so now I am on on my third account. I have also been through the rules and other twitter feeds of ladies that have been suspended and it appears there is a crack down on the word Escort so I have dropped that from my account.

Here are some of the key things I found out..

You are allowed to post adult pictures and videos, but you cannot have them in live video, profile images, or header images. Live videos are not allowed because they’re difficult to scan or enforce.

Fill out your profile completely even if you are advertising adult services, but use words that makes it clear what you do but don't use words like escort and references to selling sex as this is not allowed. The trick is to make it clear what you do without been too graphic. The sting int he tail here is that twitter likes you to be honest about what you are doing / offering and not create an account that is deceptive. Its almost like a double edged sword and its definitely a balancing line..

Its important to keep an active feed but not load it with all sexual services, so for this reason there will be a lot more personal tweet of everyday stuff that you are probably not interested in but it needs to be there..

The trick is to get across what I do candidly so there's the challenge.

So reframing it looking at the negative of losing my account with thousands of followers to creating a new account and starting from scratch and Turing it into a positive, means that I will be more active on twitter and that everyone blowing me is currently active so that's a positive. Its also a challenge now to create something that hopefully won't be suspended again, just please excuse me for drilling on about normal life stiff but it has to be done.. I will try and make it fun though.

I have also started an instagram account if you would like the user name please message me.

Kristina J - Huddersfield Escort XX