Unfamiliarality when moving to a new area by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Unfamiliarality when moving to a new area

I have been up North now for 2 month and have had a bit of a struggle settling in.I am stil using my sat nav to get around and been suffering from severe ‘I cannot find my way’ syndrome.I have gone the wrong way round roundabouts, cut many people up – sorry Yorkshire folk, the wring way up a one way street, meeting a police car coming the other way!!! That was an interesting conversation.Through red lights but amazing my car is still in one piece!!It took me 2 hours to go to the supermarket the other evening as I kept getting lost, when I get there they did not have what I wanted so decided to give another one a go.Only I put the wrong postcode in my sat nav and ended up god knows where, then got lost again.By this time my phone was ringing as my friends who I had left in my apartment to unpack was getting worried about where I had gone.There was method in my madness drive around pretending to be lost while someone unpacks for me lol!!!It has been entertaining but I am now beginning to settle in a bit and find my around – well onto the ring road or M62 anyway.

Although I was brought up not too far from Huddersfield I am still struggling with the Yorkshire od accent a little.I ventured as far as Barnsley market, I was tipped of it was good for food shopping so decided to nip over, there and have a look.I have never seen anything like it in my life.We certainly don’t have markets like that in Bristol.I bought loads and have been cooking ever since!!

Its a lot colder up here too, my friends are walking around in T shirts and I have thick tights on, snow boots, woollen jumper and hats!!!

I am venturing a bit further up North next weekend as I have been invited up to Northumberland.I need to invest in some thermal underwear – sexy!!!, before I go that far North.But then I will be heading straight back down to Bristol where everything is a little bit more familiar and I am very excited to be back in Bristol.

So now I am sitting here waiting for my friend to turn up to take me to Asda and B&Q, what an exciting life I live.

So if you see a little Micra looking a bit lost causing traffic mayhem around Huddersfield spare a thought for the driver she is probably lost and apologises sincerely for not knowing where I am going but I assure you the ‘I cannot find my way’ syndrome will pass in about 5 years.

Kisses Kristina Yorkshire Escort xxx

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