Upcoming photoshoots and new content for my website by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Upcoming photoshoots and new content for my website

Exciting times as I prepare for 3 days of photoshoots in October...

Hello lovely people..

I have some new photoshoots and video shoots booked which is quite exciting. What is even more exciting is both the photographers and videographers I have booked with are not offering photoshoots or video shoots – one of them is moving aboard at Christmas and the other is moving in to other areas away from Escort work, I feel very lucky to have secured a final shoot with both of them..

The first one is a video showing some of the erotic play techniques including bondage massage and erotic massage. Mistress A has very kindly agreed to be my demo body and volunteered her body to me for the day, how lucky am I? I am really excited to be able to do this as I feel I can talk so much about what I am able to offer but decided it was tie to give you a visual to wet your appetite so to speak.. The videos will be classy yet highly erotic and showing some very sensual touch between two women…

The second shooting in London later in October is with another photographer and is my first two day shooting.. This is going to be a very interesting shot as it’s photos and videos and twitter videos.. The photographer is a little bit edgy and wildly creative which is what has attracted me to him and I am really looking forward to getting some erotic images with an edge to them. The video for this I hope will demonstrate one of my big concepts that turn me on where I lead a man into my bedroom and then switch from lady to seductress.. I know there will be many offers but I already have a model I am working with on this video, I am not sure the model knows what he is letting himself in for but it should be an interesting few days for sure..

I am hoping to get the videos and photos on my website beginning of December when I return from my trip to Africa just in time for Christmas..

I am really excited to be able to have the opportunity to do these shoots and I just cannot wait to bring some very erotic content to my website..

A very excited Kristina J – Erotic Escort and Sensual Seductress…