Vagina Symbols by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Vagina Symbols

With all the nicknames floating around for the vagina and the websites dedicated to hashing them out we have to wonder if all the seemingly playful banter is doing us any good. A lot of the words used to speak of our lady parts are, frankly, a bit nasty. Terms like "panty hamster" and "beaver" need to be retired

Lotus Flower

How lovely it must have been to constantly have your genitals compared to such a gorgeous piece of nature. The Chinese Han and Ming dynasties especially alluded to this symbol when speaking of the heavenly vaginathe term "golden lotus" was used often in poetry. Physically and biologically speaking, the lotus is a fragrant flower, pink and plump, that is known to beautifully blossom in spring, just when the time is right sounds about right, doesn't it?


The name of this delightful fruit comes from a Latin word "granatis," which means seed of grain. Greeks referred to the pomegranate as a gift of love that is continually inviting, and it symbolizes fertility, abundance, and the arrival of spring. While it's often used in works of art to allude to the beauty and exuberance of the vagina, it specifically is meant to represent the ovary and ova cells.

Figs are the fruit mostly associated with the female sexual organ..


Figs are the fruit mostly associated with the female sexual organ mainly because for the Greeks, figs were a symbol of fertility. The fig is likened to the vagina, due to it's skin that veils its insides, leaving everything to the imagination: 'where everything happens invisible, flowering and fertilisation, on the act of a woman losing her virginity: '

Overall, the likening of particular fruit to the vagina displays the ideology of the stereotypical patriarchal male. Although, the type of fruits has a lot to do with shape and in some cases colouring and texture, the type of fruits that tend to be compared to female genitalia are soft and can be bruised like the subordinate female.

Why do some people say grow some balls. Balls are weak balls are weak and sensitive if you want to be tough grow a Vagina. those things can take a pounding .

Kristina J xx