Virgins by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort


While obviously mid disappeared a while ago here are some facts from history about that prized state and some modern updates.

Virginity was revered by ancient (and not so ancient) cultures and each developed its own method of virgin authenticity.

The Incas in South America believed the breath of a virgin could ignite a smouldering fire. (An evil non-virgin was brought in to put the fire out.).

In the Jewish Talmud, you’d straddle an open wine cask while a rabbi smelt your breath. If you’d done the deed, the wine fumes would have a clear path upward.

Meanwhile, in ancient China, there was the ‘pigeon egg test’ the small, delicate egg would be pressed against you and if it could be pushed inside, you’d failed the test dismally.

In medieval Europe, virgins were thought to be blessed with magic powers: able to pass through fires without burning, hold poisonous snakes without being bitten and catch salmon in their bare hands.

If you couldn’t do those things, you weren’t a virgin.

And to round off this virginity fest, some “V facts”

  1. For $700, girls can get their hymen rebuilt to fake virginity when getting married in China.
  2. Engagement rings evolved as a form of “virginity insurance” in the event that the groom left a bride-to-be “damaged” and unmarried.
  3. Hugh Hefner didn’t lose his virginity until he was 22.
  4. Selling virginity is legal in Britain and is not always regarded as exploitation by feminists, who may even participate in it.

So there you have it. x