Walk on the Wild Side by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Walk on the Wild Side

To walk on the wild side means in America. To have a sexual experience  with a cross dresser.

Man: I thought going to bed without brushing  my teeth was taking a walk on the wild side, but now this?!"

Hi fans and fanesses how is it going?  having fun? I know I am and I am sure you are too. I love my job and it is walking on the wild side meaning An occasion or incident involving adventurous, risky, or morally  questionable  behavior. 

Do you ever have fat days?  I am sure all of us ladies do, well I was having a fat day and thought I would join the local gym as I entered and proceeded to join I felt very proud of myself the gym is not my favourite place   I made my way to the changing room and caught a glimpse as I looked in the mirror of the changing room at what I thought was a  fat person looking back at me OMG how could I let myself get this fat. I bumped into a friend of mine she said she has fat days too and she certainly is not fat and neither are you she stated!!

I changed and returned to Reception and enquired regarding a personal trainer she went through the names,  all of them guys and one particular guy I was drawn to, she called him over to discuss my needs Stevie T, I thought he will do for me.  

Next day I looked in the mirror and I did not look fat anymore after paying all that money to join the gym but the lure of Stevie T kept me going and he sure got me going in more ways than one, he now visits me for home visits never had so much fun with an exercise ball!!

Kristina J:  Beware of the fat days but not the personal trainer every lady should get one  but not mine xxx