What a weekend of Sport - Tour de France coming to Huddersfield by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

What a weekend of Sport - Tour de France coming to Huddersfield

Well what an exciting weekend it is going to be for Huddersfield with the Tour de France passing through Yorkshire there is certainly a buzz about the place at the minute. I am gutted as I am away next weekend so I will miss it which is a shame. All the yellow bikes look fabulous dotted along the route throughout Yorkshire, Huddersfield and the Holme valley. I have a feeling that next weekend there is going to be a great atmosphere in town. I will keep my legs crossed for some good weather, what a route they will ride across some spectacular scenery of the jaw dropping West Yorkshire.

For those into their football the world cup will entertain – it’s not my thing football mainly because I don’t like footballers (sorry any footballers reading this) I think the likes of the incident with a certain Uruguay player is shocking and a terrible example of someone who is an inspiration to youngsters and in the public eye. Would you see Formula one drivers biting each other I can just see it now Lewis Hamilton taking a nifty bite out of Nico Rosberg on the podium I don’t think so. You also would not see formula one drivers or any racing driver for that matter deliberately throwing themselves on the floor to get pole position. As great as the world cup is and as much as football in essence is a great game I think it is stupid behaviour which I don’t appreciate. Still the world cup continues who will win it…..

Another ball sport Tennis for those fancying a trip to Wimbledon and some Strawberries and Cream – again its not my thing but it would be great to see Andy Murray lift the trophy. I will stick to enjoying the strawberries and cream anyway whoever wins….

And for my favourite The British Grand Prix as the drama continues and Nico and Lewis continue to dominate I will be keeping my legs crossed for Lewis to win at Silverstone repeating his performance in 2008 and give us British fans something to cheer about (well if football cannot do it I sure as hell hope racing can) Whatever happens it sure to be an exciting race.

So its going to be a very exciting weekend of sport weather you are football mad, tennis crazy, cycling nuts or like me love the Motor racing enjoy it whatever you are into.

Kisses Kristina Yorkshire Escort xxxx