Women who seduced their way to power by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Women who seduced their way to power

History often remembers women who seduced their way to power as bad girls. These intriguing women disregarded the rules of respectable behavior, benefited from private relationships, and amassed material goods, social standing, and political voices

Critics and naysayers often vilified them as dangerous, sly sirens who relied on the power of seduction to manipulate and control the men in their lives. After all, power and influence was, more often than not, considered unbecoming of proper ladies, and those who achieved it were automatically suspect. Their private affairs were anything but private, and they succumbed to public scrutiny, ridicule, and criticism. So they became femme fatales who were branded scarlet women for their life choices.

These scandalous ladies of yesteryear are more than historical seductresses - instead of bad girls, they were actually badass women who used one of the few tools afforded to them (their sexuality) to gain advantages from relationships to influential men. For their affections, they got wealth, gifts, protections, privileges, and diverse roles. Though they were labeled scandalous during their lives and in history books, they are examples of powerful women who were unwilling to play by the rule books handed to them.

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