Working from home by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Working from home

Hello lovely readers.

I was just thinking about new people coming to see me and how nerve racking it can be to come to a house you know nothing about to meet a lady that you have not met before and was wondering what I could do to dispel some fears and anxiety this could cause.

I have written plenty about me over the years but feel today to talk a little bit about the venue to make it less dauting for some of you. I work form my own private discreet home in a quitet area of Huddersfield.

I am located in HD3 about a mile from Huddersfield Royal Infirmary, about 8 minutes from Ainley top M62 junction if you are driving or if you are coming by train about 10 minutes from the train station in a taxi which costs about £4.50 or there about. My house is also located on a bus route, so it really is very easy to get to which ever your mode of travel. There is plenty of on road parking available and you won’t have to look around for a parking space, but I will direct where the best place is to park for yours and my discretion.

The house itself is a private house so there is just you and me there, it is very discreet, private and not overlooked in any way in essence it’s the perfect hideaway for an intimate liaison. It is deceiving from the road as it looks tiny but once inside it just opens up. My home is immaculate clean, tidy and very welcoming. It is warm as there is nothing worse than feeling chilly when we are I an intimate encounter. There is a shower, you are invited to use this if you feel to and fresh clean towels. The house is set up for what I do with the main bedroom being huge and offers lots of space to play together in. It has lots of cupboards and wardrobe all full of toys if this is your thing. The bed is huge and soft with black satin sheet and crushed velvet over throws on and the really great thing about the bed is that is has restraints fitted to it if that is your thing.

Upstairs there are two further rooms one that is home to the St Andrews cross and Spanking Bench or anal play bench, this room is mirrored down one side and again is clean and immaculate. Further to this there is a dressing room for those of you who like to dress up with shoes, lingerie and clothes in every size possible and I do have a collection of wigs too so if you want to dress this is the room for you and we can go as far or as little as you like. If the rooms are not your thing this is fine there is no pressure to go or do anything that you don’t want to, I just shut the doors and we cosy up in the main bedroom which is a great place to be.

The house really, is a great place to be and has been set up to create an environment that you feel comfortable in as well as open up many conversations around your hidden desires and sexuality in general. The main thing is that its warm, clean and tidy and purposely put together for what I do best and offers plenty of play space and room to explore in. It is like entering another world, a place where you can leave your troubles at the door as you step in an embrace the magic space I have created for our wonderful time together.

I look forward to welcoming you

Kristina J Huddersfield Escort