Kristina J - When will I return?
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Kristina J - When will I return?

I have just been asked a really good question that needs to go on my blog about. The questions is, when will I know when it is safe to return and what ae the triggers that I am watching for?

What great question that so much so it really does deserve a blog so that all you lovely people out there who are awaiting a return to some fun have an idea of my thoughts on this.

With a very slight lift of restrictions and the Governments announcement of the road map out of lockdown I have been thinking about when it will be right to return. The problem for me is that most other industries will be given very lear indication of return dates. For sex workers its a bit more tricky I have read between the lines. I am sure Boris is not going to announce during a press conference ok so Sex Workers cannot return to work, kinkiness resumes go forward and have some fun... I just can not see it happening, so here are my thoughts.

Looking at the road map and this all does depend on the R number that Boris keep talking about it is looking like July at the earliest but more likely August if not September. I have to balance when people are allowed to visit other peoples houses with also the willingness of people to visit other peoples house and to come and visit me. I also have to keep myself legal as I don't want a visit form the police which has been happening to some people who have continued to work though the lockdown. I have also got to take into consideration not returning too early and damaging my reputation of being safe with not leaving It too long. I am also looking at when other industries who offer one to one services where you have to be within 2 meters of another person such as massage therapists, driving instructors, talking therapists, hairdressers, beauty therapists have their restrictions lifted. Onto of this I am seeing what is been said in my peer groups and what other people with a good reputation are doing. I will however post a blog in advance with dates and I should have a better Idea in the next month or so with a bit of luck

I had thought of offering a service where a lucky someone can ask with me for an hour and pick my brains on all the delights of sexual theory and what it alls means for them as well as talk about any challenges they have in regards to sexuality like a walking sexual therapy session but went of that idea..

So in the mean time I will keep reading the theory about sexuality and learning and discovering through some very interesting conversations and I also hope to be working on my new website very soon too. I will be very excited to return to my new normal just as soon as I can.

I am very much looking forward to spending some time with you

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