Nymphomaniacs True or False
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Nymphomaniacs True or False

Mainly females; never satisfied even after the greatest shag Marathon ever, they are still gagging for it.

Man: goodnight baby that was so good
Nympho: excuse me? goodnight? wtf happened to round two?

Hypersexuality: a female whose sex drive is obsessively high. Considered a mental illness, colloquially means a. Horny girl. Not to be confused with slut or skank where one's sexual dignity is pathetically low, nymphomania is simply related to an abnormally high sex drive

Why would a woman label herself a nymphomaniac in the 21st century?

One woman did so to defend herself against an accusation of prostitution. She told the court that she had sex with scores of men because she had worn her husband out. She had to satisfy her insatiable sexual appetite elsewhere. Ultimately, nymphomania, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. A woman will only be described as wanting sex too much if her partner cannot satisfy her. Lars von Trier’s film will undoubtedly do well. Men like to imagine the existence of nymphomaniacs – as long as they don’t have to have sex with one.

In the 18th century the treatments for nymphomania were severe. Removal of the ovaries, leeching of the vagina, cold baths, and enforced bed rest were commonly prescribed. In 1886, Doctors recommended regular exercise and a vegetarian diet, combined with vaginal application of cocaine.

One 24-year-old woman, Mrs B, was threatened with the asylum in 1856 for greatly enjoying sex with her husband three or four times a night. She also experienced excessive excitement and had Lascivious dreams Mrs B avoided incarceration by giving up sex, brandy, novel reading, and meat. Her treatment also included nightly enemas and vaginal swabbing with borax – a substance we now use to clear drains.

Mrs B’s physician was very pleased with the outcome of her treatment. She no longer made excessive sexual demands on her husband and had assumed a chaste. demeanour. Meaning she became boring.

All men think they are marrying a Nymphomaniac the problem is after a few years the Nympho leaves and the maniac stays

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