Valentines Lay
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Valentines Lay

The sex you get after spending £1209457863145 on your wife/gf For being extra sensitive or cuddly or whatever on Valentines Day.

The sex you receive on Valentine’s Day

  • Dude 1: how was yesterday ?
  • Dude 2: I had a great Valentines Lay, she let me do what I want.

Hi to those who enjoy Valentines Day. As this day is mostly roses and chocolates for the ladies although men are rather partial to these things too. I thought I would have some Valentines fun for the lads

No I did not knit these myself but I sure would enjoy seeing someone wearing them.

Have a Happy Valentines Day women call it a love day men call it extortion day whatever you call it enjoy.

Kristina K wants you to play xx

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