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Sensual Domination..

Domination doesn't need to be hard, brutal, fast or painful...  the real skill is mixing it with sensuality, energy and compassion whilst still remaining firmly in control.

Let me take you on a beautiful journey, in a safe, sane, consensual and nuturing environment to, start the exploration of your dark eros...

Dark Eros uses psychological triggers, intimate holding techniques, allowing you to relax into my arms handing over your control and will to me.  
Sensual domination is about controlling the session to maximise the pleasure and desires of both myself as the domina and you as my submissive. 

You will be brought, mentally and physically, into a calm state of relaxation, always being aware of my intentions for you.  Using touch, voice and breathing techniques your mind and body will relex in preparation for sensual control and consensual domaination.  Mental captivation rather than physical restraint will ensnare your body, mind and spirit, allowing for the element of surprise to deliver a truly [I think you mean majesticrather than magnetic] experience.

Everybody is different and has different submission triggers...  For some it is bondage, others impact play or body workship, the list goes on...  electrical play or anal play, and it doesn't stop there....
What I do know is that I can and will find your triggers, tapping into your desires and energy to take you on an intimate connected journey to your dark side to show you the beauty of those dark hidden desires in a safe, secure and (sometimes) tender environment.

The safer and more secure you feel, the more you trust me to guide you, the greater the rewards and experience will be.  You will reach a greater state of relaxation, and the deeper you are able to let go and just experience the beauty of sensual domination, the greater the benefits.

It takes courage to bare your all and show someone else who you truly are.......

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