Kristina J

A relaxing and intimate engagement where pleasure is derived from subtlety, sensuality and the revellry of being present in the moment.

Restrainted onto my bed for erotic pleasure, surrendering your senses to the power of my conscious touch.

Explore the feeling of freedom from no longer having to make decisions. Surrendering control so I can lead you on a journey into sensual loving touch.

Conscious touch, breathing techniques and energy work will all enhance the quality of the sensual touch and intensify the intimacy between us.

Being fully present in every touch, caress and stroke using my hands and body in a way that makes you feel safe, supported and ready to surrender to erotic desires..

Kristina J

Remove yourself from the outside world, leave your everyday troubles at the door, let everything go and be mine…

Throughout our time together, I will be exquisitely in tune with your body, feelings, aura and sexual energy. I will read you like a book, taking you on a journey, understanding the exact moment you approach climax and then using the tantric art of sublimation to bring you back down, ready for the next stage. You will ride the wave of orgasmic pleasure time and time again until every fibre of your body is crying out for release.

I will take you to the edge, time and time again, making the decision each time whether you are allowed to go over that edge into the relams of release and intense pleasure like you have never felt before, mixing sexuality and energy work together for a truly mind-blowing experience where I am firmly in control.

Go on you know you want to… Submit to erotic surrender, placing yourself in my hands for a while, feel my magical touch and see where the journey takes you….

If I find myself in desires which nothing in this world can satisfy, the only logical explanation is that I was made for another world....

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