Kristina J

I invite you to explore the sensual magic of Tantric Massage with a sensual seductress and UK Escort in Huddersfield, Yorkshire

I have a passion for deep connective touch, sensuality and giving you the space to totally let go into ecstasy. I really believe it is your birthright to feel extended pleasure in every fibre of your body…

Can I invite you to join me in trusting spontaneity and letting go to embrace and welcome more pleasure?

I am certified in Tantric Massage and have a comprehensive understanding of

Sacred Practices
Erotic Energy Work
Breath Work
Full Body Orgasm Techniques

The Art of Tantra makes YOU the active recipient and the sole focus of the session. Viewing your body as a temple which is worthy of worship, sacred admiration and intense pleasure.

I have been taught by a number of internationally recognized teachers ( Training )and have an understanding of a variety of different Tantric methods; understanding the power that intimate Tantric massage creates in connection, healing and sexual release.

Kristina J

Tantric massage techniques, including breath work, enable ecstatic and engergetic states of being to be achieved as well as intense relaxation and controlled release. It is a beautful way to share conscious touch and energy exchange as part of powerful sexual energy charged encounters.

Through a process of sublimation (connecting the body and mind to the divine self) and breath work, sexual energy is moved through the body, channelled by the Chakras, to control and extend sexual pleasure, which with practice leads to full body orgasm.

Using Tantra inspired touch your full sexual potential will be awakened, bringing sexually ecstatic orgasmic results rippling through not only your genitals but your whole body.

A session of at least 90 minutes is required to maximise the benefits of this mind blowing experience and to feel the energy moving throughout the body. In Tantra there is no "quick fix". It takes time to activate and release the trapped energy in order to achieve its full potential.

If you are interested in exploring Tantric Massage, awakening your full sexual potential and exploring the possibilities of full body orgasm please contact me.

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