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I help men and women access more pleasure in their bodies and move from a place of sex for a release to sex for intimacy and connection.  I will support you to expand your capacity for pleasure in your own body.

I am offering limited online sessions via zoom only for those of you who want to learn how to connect more your sexual pleasure.

The intention behind these sessions are not the typical get off quick in 10 minutes but more of a deep dive into masturbation coaching, unpacking desires kinks and fantasies and expanding the capacity of pleasure in your body.

Before the session we will have a brief phone call to assess your needs and for you to book the session.  All sessions need to be pre booked and paid for by bank transfer.

Sessions will between an hour and 90 minutes depending on what your requests are in which area you wish to work.

I will remain clothed during the session as this is about you getting in touch with your deeper levels of pleasure through your body and being guided by me.

Masturbation coaching

Masturbation Coaching is for you if your routine is not turning you on anymore and has become boring. It will give you insights in new ways to touch and self-pleasure and in doing so unlock the limitations of doing the same thing time and time again.  Together we will get creative as we explore the possibilities of different self pleasure techniques.

This is for you if:

  • You feel bored and uninspired when you touch yourself
  • You feel rushed and shallow when self pleasuring
  • You don’t know what you want in bed
  • You feel anxiety or shame when it comes to sex
  • You want to feel pleasure without an erection
  • You want to feel more pleasure in your body
  • You want to learn some techniques to last longer
  • You want to learn more about your body’s capacity for pleasure
  • You are blocked when it comes to self-pleasure

I will guide you into feeling more and thinking less, giving you inspiration and new routes to pleasure 

What does a virtual masturbation coaching session look like?

Firstly we will spend some time talking about your currant techniques and about what you would like to achieve from the sessions.  We will unpack any challenges that are coming up for you and look at your routine.

Together we will explore the breath and how different breathing techniques can influence erotic states in your body.  

Together we will explore different sensations right across your body not just in your genital area 

I will then coach you through different techniques up to the point of orgasm and guide you to explore more.

To end the session, we will have a period of reflection and integration 


Masturbation Witnessing 

I understand that some of you may just want me to witness you masturbating. The session will look very similar to a masturbation coaching session except I will not be making suggestions and you will masturbate if I was not there.  

Once you have made yourself comfortable you will masturbate in what ever way you like maybe using toys or watching porn I am simply there to hold space and witness you.  There is a real power of being seen in your full vulnerability and masturbation witnessing can take you into being fully seen and held while in a place of openness and vulnerability

At the end of the session, we will have a period of reflection and integration time 

Unpacking Desires, fetishes, kinks and taboo turn-ons

In these sessions its bit like coffee, kink and cake an opportunity to discuss your hidden desire, erotic fantasies and taboo turn-ons, to discover what lies underneath them.  Together we will dive into the erotic shadow a place in your subconscious that holds the gold and unpack why certain things turn you on.  This kind of session could be for you if you have some conflict with your turn-ons, if you feel ashamed by what turns you on, if you are confused by what arouses you or you are just curious and want to know more about your own erotic charges and how to get the most out of them.

I will hold a non-judgemental and fully supported space for us to explore together and draw on my wealth of experience and training to unpack your hidden desires.  I will make suggestions to resources and work through exercises with you to really help you understand and get the most out of your erotic self.  We will journey together into the fascination and wonder of your true erotic self.


1 hour £100 

90 minutes £!50

To secure the session I will require a 50% deposit and the balance paid in advance of the session.