Conscious sexuality with Kristina J Huddersfield Escort slowing down to connect with your desires and pleasure

Explore the power of conscious sexuality and fully bring yourself into a place where ecstasy is possible…

What is Conscious Sexuality all about I hear you ask?

It is not so much about the sex, it is more about learning to be present and connected with yourself, leading on to being present and connected with others. When you are present and connected with yourself and others this leads to a more fulfilling and engaging sexual encounter for all involved. By focusing on our willingness and intent to bring conscious awareness to our experience, the shared touch and outcomes of our sexuality is enhanced.

Conscious sexuality is about been fully present in any moment and fully present and aware of our partner. Bringing awareness to our own boundaries and that of our partner in order to build genuine mutually enjoyable sessions with passion, awareness and sensuality.

​Conscious sexuality is about learning to be present and connected with your own desires and that of others

Developing our own awareness of our desires so we can fully connect to ourselves and others

Bringing awareness to our whole erotic selves and our full erotic potential as we journey to discover deeper more intense pleasures

Conscious Sexuality creates a beautiful space for us and when done with full intent with mindfulness this is where the magic happens. It is about more than just being touched it is about the conscious loving touch that makes you feel held, the more you are held securely, the safer you feel which in turn leads to a sense of being able to let go completely and sink more fully into the encounter.

Conscious sexuality is about bringing awareness and acceptance of our own self and removing the associations with quick release and instant changes in emotional state. We live in a society where everything has to be reached quickly and this includes orgasm. We have no time to relax and experience a deeper, stronger orgasm and higher levels of consciousness because we are always in a rush to get to the end result as fast and furiously as possible. After 3 seconds of sexual bliss we collapse into a state of ‘ah now I feel better’. Instant gratification lays at the core and is the self imposed limitation of reaching a more prolonged state of sexual bliss.

​Conscious sexuality is about bringing mindfulness and presence to sexuality

Slowing down and really taking our time to indulge in the greatest pleasures in life

​Bringing a certain quality to an erotic encounter through fully being in the moment

Imagine if those 3 seconds of bliss could be extended to half an hour of bliss with a more prolonged, profound ecstatic sate. Imagine a world of more meaningful sexually fulfilling encounters rather than just quick gratification.

It is about bringing quality to the encounter and using all the senses, not just shutting it down to one sense in one area of the body, but recognising the whole body and the fact that all of the senses are an integral part of sexuality. Expanding awareness across the senses by using breath and intention to create a more fulfilling, deeper connection that allows us to feel whole and fulfilled on an emotional level not just a physical level.

Conscious sexuality is something that I practice naturally in all of my sessions from GFE to BDSM. It is the container for safe, consensual play done with meaning and full understanding of my partners desires. Touch is done with intent and reverence and no touch is accidental yet behind the essence of touch is the meaning of the touch and the awareness of touch. It is the very essence of what makes me unique as I build in not just touch but fully bring myself into presence so I am aware of every nuance of arousal not only within myself but also arising in you. Conscious touch is base not only on touch but on a background of knowledge of what is atally happening in the body and comes back to the basic principal that in order to be fully sexually aroused I fully understand yo need to feel safe.

If you are interested in exploring the concepts conscious sexuality, touch, boundaries and consent, I am more than happy to talk through a variety of options and techniques that I use. I feel these techniques are the building blocks of what I do and I would be very happy to share this with you.