Monday 12th July – Friday 23rd July 10am -10pm Huddersfield 

Saturday 24th July – Sunday 1st August off Sorry 

Monday 2nd August - Friday 13th August 10am - 10pm Huddersfield

Saturday 14th August - Sunday 12th September off Sorry

Monday 13th September - Thursday 23rd September Huddersfield

Friday 24th September - Sunday 10th October - Off Sorry

Monday 11th October - Friday 29th October Huddersfield 

Saturday 30th October - Sunday 7th November off Sorry 

Monday 8th November - Friday 19th November Huddersfield 

Saturday 20th November - Sunday 28th November Off Sorry

Monday 29th November - Friday 17th December Huddersfield

Saturday 18th December - Monday 3rd January off Sorry 


Saturday 7th August and Sunday 8th August 

Saturday 18th September and Sunday 19th  September 

Saturday 16th October and Sunday 17th October

Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th October 

Saturday 13th November and Sunday 14th November

Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th December

Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th December  


If you would like my advance booking availablity that runs for the next two months and is day by day hour by hour availabe appointments please do drop me a line i would be happy to send it for you.

(Please click here for information on how to contact and book me)