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What’s New PussyCat

Posted November 29 2021

A woman that is so sexy you just want to grab her and do unmentionable things. Sex kittens are usually found in cool climates, but do tend to come out when it gets somewhat hot. These sexual beings are hot and nuts in bed

Hi there pussy lovers who does not like to stroke a pussy!! Many of my friends have a cat and know how much they liked to be stroked that is all I am going to say on the subject.

Your very own purrfect Sex Kitten likes to be stroked and to stroke I am playful on the outside, but on the inside a sexual hunger burns with the flame of a 1000 orgasmic desires, that will consume all the energy you've got. I will satisfy you in every way you can imagine and always ready for any type of sexual play.

What I like to give my friends is a relaxing time and a lot of attention. Being a Sex Kitten, I have just enough of life experience, to know what I have to do. Sex Kittens are caring. I can be the caring Sex Kittten or a dominant one a tiger. A real woman. I give you what you want. That’s why I am a Sex kitten.

During sex, sometimes my male friends want to feel dominated I can give you exactly what you want. Make foreplay longer, and enjoy it too. Giving extra attention to your manhood! Stroke you constantly, to make you comfortable. Some are actually a little bit shy especially if it is their first time they will feel more relaxed and comforted by me. This is what they need. Sex kittens know this. I like sometimes to be the leader (A Lion). There are many different types of people with many different types of tastes.

I enjoy being a Sex Kitten much more knowing I have made someone feel special, it is fun too for both of us.  There is always a wild side to an innocent face. Come and stroke my pussy (that is another story)

Kristina J:   Meow Meow I will make you purr with pleasure x

How to pleasure a woman

Posted November 22 2021

Hello lovely readers,

First of all thank you to all of you who take the time to read my blog, it means a lot to me.  It also adds to your time with me if you take the time my blog as you have a good idea of who I am, what I do and what to expect.

I have been thinking about a few conversations and experiences I have had with some Gentleman lately and I really feel to bring forward an offering of experienced learning of how to pleasure a woman.

I have come to realise that the majority of people’s sex education is very little or what has been seen on a porn movie.  I have also come to realise that a lot of men really want to give pleasure but because of the lack of hands on experience and honest feedback this gives you guys a really impossible task.  It also creates a polarity of the desire to please a woman but the not knowing how to do it, which can then throw up all sorts of conflictions.

Here is the invitation.

Together we learn and discover how to touch and caress a woman’s genital areas as a two way co created session.  Using a series of pre-recorded videos that teach real technique rather than what we see on porn films of the juggernaught penetration of fingers which for some woman can be uncomfortable.  

This is an offer to all the Gentleman who really desire to bring pleasure to a woman and take away some skills for life in regards to female genital touch and stimulation. We will take our time and explore as lovers would do in a relaxed, friendly environment, sitting together we will watch the videos and talk about them and then practice each move until you are happy you have mastered it.  We will talk about how it feels to receive the touch and how it feels to give the touch, what challenges or resistances come up and how to overcome these.  

I have a few lovely visitors who have really taken the time to learn and master female genital touch. One of these always arrives at mine with a lovely jar of coconut oil and the first thing he does is lay me down on the bed to pleasure me using some learnt technique.  We have had conversations over the years about what works and what does not work and he has taken the time to listen and learn.  It is through the listening and learning that he is able to truly give skilled pleasure to a woman. There is such a difference over someone who says they want to give pleasure and just carries on doing what they want regardless thinking they are giving pleasure and them that take the time to learn skills and touch consciously.  As a receiver and allower of touch I can always tell the difference and also the intention of the touch. 

It is with this in mind that I make this offer to you to learn some skilled female genital touch through watching, listening, communicating, experiencing, exploring and being open to feedback. This opportunity will give you learnt female genital touch which will form the basics of giving pleasure. As each woman is different you will have a number of moves to draw on not just the rubbing of the clit or the in and out of the fingers.  We will also talk about how arousal manifests in the body and what the blockages can be to stop it.  The one thing I have found lately is the more I understand the blockages to pleasure the more I can work to release the blockages and take people to higher levels of pleasure and arousal.  During this session I will also share some of my experiences with you that will leave you shocked. I will also give you tips on how to read a body adndknow when the woman is expanding into pleasure or contracting out of pleasure.  If you wish to go forward and learn more then I am also happy to set up sessions and give you resources to help you develop your learning even further. 

For those that wish to join me on this fabulous and relaxed journey of discovery it will be offered over a minimum of three hours as I do not wish to rush this and the more we take our time the more you will get out of it.  It won’t be mixed with any other of my offerings except the girl friend experience as the focus need to be on your learnt techniques. 

So if you are interested and wish to go on a voyage of discovery and unleash the fire in the valley then please do reach out and let’s get started on this exciting and valuable learning experience of sexual pleasure skills for life..

I very much look forward to discovering together..

Kristina J Huddersfield Escort xx

TO HAVE AND TO HOLD (you know the rest)

Posted November 21 2021

Hi guys not mine although I do like a nice White Wedding a chance to dress up wear a hat and enjoy the party. Long, long ago, a bend on one knee and the offer of a modest and hard-earned ring were enough for a proposal.

Today, financing a wedding sometimes starts even during the proposal, with professional photographers hired to film the proposal itself. Weddings weren’t always as grand and thoroughly planned as they are today. Many decades ago, almost every couple had a simple, homespun celebration. But with the rise of fashion not to mention technology the times, they started changing

Before the 1800s:
There was little or no emotional commitment between the couple because women were seen as sexual objects or household slaves, or as a means for procreation, or some combination of the three. Brides were chosen for their economic worth and love had little or nothing to do with the wedding.

I was invited to my friends wedding it was a Cinderella type theme and her carriage was wonderful.   I was super excited it meant a good old shopping spree but questions have to be answered, what shall I wear.  Shoes, Bag, Hat, Dress and of course colour, oh dear I am stressed already and its not even my wedding

I was all dressed up and ready to go to the reception it was perfect the Bride looked wonderful, so did I well I thought so. The music started playing and the alcohol was quenching our thirsts, someone tapped me on the shoulder as I turned around the sexiest man I have ever seen was asking me to dance I had something else in mind for this hunk of burning love, that is all I am going to say.

Marriage is a workshop where the husband works and the wife shops

Kristina J:  Open to proposals but not the wedding kind xx

Party in Parts

Posted November 18 2021

i all hope you are all well, I do look forward to seeing my friends they make my life better and I hope I do the same for you!!

I thought of this piece of history while I was looking up a picture that Van Gogh had painted. I was surprised to read that he had a museum where he shows Paris prostitution with paintings, it is worth a look!!

1804 Napoleon ordered the registration and bi-weekly health inspection of all prostitutes. State controlled legal brothels (then known as "maisons de tolérance" or "maisons closes") started to appear in Paris and in other cities and became highly popular throughout the century. By 1810, Paris alone had 180 officially approved brothels.

By law, they had to be run by a woman (typically a former prostitute) and their external appearance had to be discreet. Prostitutes working in the maisons, or any woman arrested twice for soliciting had to be registered as such. Registration involved having their name on a national register, and agreeing to abide by the regulations and twice weekly medical examinations. This pattern of regulation rapidly spread throughout Europe, partly aided by the Napoleonic occupations.

Among the most expensive and best known maisons de tolérance in Paris were:

  • le Chabanais (opened 1878 and favored by Prince Edward, who had himself made a special "love seat" there),
  • le Sphinx,
  • la Rue des Moulins,
  • le One-Two-Two(opened in the mid-1920s and soon became the top address)
  • Hotel Marigny was the best known brothel for male homosexual clients; it opened in 1917 near Opera in the second arrondissement
  • More sordid brothels, the maisons d'abattage, offering quick and dirty "services", were popular amongst the lower-class.

Kristina: Paree the place to be but for you it is with me. Hot croissants anyone? Xx