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Feathers galore

Posted May 16 2021

There is something about feathers I have always loved especially the boas worn by the 1950’s glamour ladies.  I think this came from an Auntie of mine she was glamorous and when she visited us she would sit me on her knee and wrap her feather boa around me.  As I have grown up (really I have) I love feather boas.

I have a wide assortment at the ready

  • a feather duster   
  • A Boa
  • A quill (pen)
  • A peacock feather 

I would love to brush and tickle you unmercifully.  There are certain parts especially vulnerable to the feather touch, face, neck, nipples, navel, inner thighs (now we are talking) backs of the knees and of course your pride and joy the penis,scrotum and rear end (perhaps a little slap there).  A sensual guide around a mans body.

I like to make men happy instead of always the other way round,  great sex is giving and receiving.  Sometimes men just do not realise what great lovers they can be until a sexy loving woman shows them ME!!  There are plenty of ways to arouse a mans penis pay me a visit and I will show you a few and I will let you play with the feathers!!

Kristina J  You can ruffle my feathers anytime  xx

Fatal Attraction

Posted May 14 2021

Hi My lovely companions hope you are all safe and enjoying some freedom hopefully things will be normal (whatever that is) soon.  I only mention fatal attraction as it did happen to me once not to the boiling Bunny stage but close enough!! 

Fatal Attraction" is a movie about a married man who has an adulterous one-night stand. Then the woman he slept with stalks him and terrorises his family.

That bitch is crazy!

Some of us get into relationships where we're pretty much destroying each because we ignore initial warning signs that the person we're attracted to is an emotional train wreck or ticking time bomb.  Very often we are swept off our feet by the physical, mental or sexual attraction only to end up heartbroken, angry, bitter, revengeful or caught up in an emotional roller coaster

Fatal attraction basically goes BEYOND normal attraction  for someone. It gets to the point where a person may  become morbidly infatuated with their love interest to the point where it can get unhealthy and dangerous. If you find yourself boiling may have a problem. 

If you have fantasies of making that special someone YOURS (envisioning raping them)  have issues. If you have comtemplated on killing those who will get in the way of your happiness and want to get rid of the competition...that is FATAL ATTRACTION. If you are stalking your prey when they rejected you...that's FATAL ATTRACTION. AT this are probally beyond help  and chances will be slammed with a restraining order..but of course that won't stop you because your  CRAZY IN LOVE..and just plain crazy. 

If you are emotionally healthy yourself your emotions are your energy sources for making good decisions, reading and dealing effectively with other people's feelings, optimising your ability to have healthy relationships, enjoying work and taking pleasure in life. Which I do!! 

Kristina J.  I am a good girl with naughty tendencies lets get wild wet and horny my favourite things xx

Wedding Belle

Posted May 14 2021

Don’t worry guys I am not thinking of marriage although I do not completely write it off. A white wedding dress does not excite me (too virginal) I had a dream last night that I was invited to a really top class wedding, champagne was flowing food was out of this world (not in my fridge).  My dress was definitely not white.

The strange thing was I was the bride wearing the most beautiful dress, I kept shouting for the Best Man, the best man came to me he was drop dead gorgeous I ripped his clothes off and I chased him round the Wedding cake the cake fell on the floor we slipped on the cream he proceeded to lick me and just as the best bit was to happen I woke up all hot and bothered, Increase in my body heat and sexually aroused.

To see a wedding in your dream symbolises a new beginning or transition in your current life sounds exciting. I will keep you informed. Definitely not marriage!!

The use of a wedding ring has long been part of religious weddings in Europe and America, but the origin of the tradition is unclear. One possibility is the Roman belief in the Vena amoris, which was believed to be a blood vessel that ran from the fourth finger (ring finger) directly to the heart.

Kristina J. Did you hear about the two spiders who got married I hear they met on the web xx

Sex Kitten

Posted May 14 2021

Hi all you naughty Tom cats, are you coming out to play and perhaps to spray your territory. I have the perfect pussy and oh I do like a stroke.

Sex Kitten
Someone, usually female, who oozes sex appeal and is lots of fun to have sex with. A Woman who has a plentiful supply of willing sex slaves (sounds like a job for me) a real Sex Kitten a woman that is so sexy you just want to grab me and do unmentionable things. Sex kittens are usually found anywhere but do tend to come out when it gets somewhat hot. We sexual beings are nuts in bed.

Client: Damn, I met this "sex kitten" last week that's fucking hot! She's made me feel things I've never felt and is so damn sexy (I think he means me) ??

"I am playful on the outside, but on the inside a sexual hunger burns with the flame of a 1000 orgasmic desires, that will consume all the energy you've got. I will satisfy you in every way you can imagine and highly ready for most types of sexual play. Puurfect in every way."

A sex kitten is a woman who exhibits a sexually provocative lifestyle or an abundant sexual aggression. ... The 1960s began the era of women embracing their sexuality after moving forward from the idea that women were very unlikely to experience pleasure during sexual activities, they got that wrong!</p>\n\n <p><b>Tom Cat That is another story.

To be Sexually active with more than one partner. usually meant for Males but you can call Females that too.

A sex kitten is not always youthful. In various definitions, the sexual attractiveness of a woman is the primary factor of sex kittens, but that did not necessarily mean physical beauty.

Kristina Come on down for some pussy love. Stroke me and I will make you purr xx