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Tights Stockings and Scarves

Posted May 16 2022

Hi Guys and Gals how is it going are you enjoying the hot spell, not sex the weather if you want to enjoy a hot spell join for a session!! 

Some one I am very found of and I look forward to his visits he gets really turned on when I am wearing an expensive pair of white tights (he brings for me) and nothing else.  He loves seeing my pubic hair through the gauzy material and feeling my body through the tight silkiness  of  the fabric  he says it feels so naughty.  I know my friend is not unique in that way and it does not stop at white tights.  As I have mentioned before earlier in the book a gorgeous  garter belt and real stockings are quite thrilling for most men.  Elaborate? No Expensive? No Exciting you better believe it.

The look is just part of the excitement.  Once he peels  off your sexy stockings you can use those stockings  scarves silk ties (I always have on hand)he likes me to tie his hands even better if you have a four poster or two poster for the feet he does not like handcuffs real or not!!  This is when I slip an eye mask over his eyes.  He likes to play being my love slave and taunt him with my feather duster on his penis the only thing he can only cum on the feather duster and it makes it all wet. He always enjoys his visit and I do too. 

 A lot of clothing and accessories can easily be adapted for use in all kinds of sexual play so lets take a look  at some of the delightful surprises waiting inside your drawers and wardrobe. 

Kristina: You can come and rummage in my drawers anytime xx

Tall or Small

Posted May 09 2022

Nanophilia short partner anasteema height Philia (attraction to)  refers to people who are attracted to a person because of their difference in height.  This  preference is to be most likely to be noticed when the man is shorter than his female companion.  Our  society’s accepts the preference women have for taller Men  but not the reciprocal desire some men have for taller women.   Some men are attracted to small women because they say it makes them feel more significant as a protector and that the small women are more feminine because. the difference in height. The opposite is true for the women.

 Men who are enamoured of tall women often tend to be short themselves.  One such man stated that the attraction for his six foot companion was because then they walked into a room together everyone noticed her beauty and this boosted his self esteem.      The flaw to his reasoning was that his girlfriend was not beautiful by the standards of other people but she was over a foot taller than he and undoubtedly did attract attention when they walked into a room together.. Short men may feel that the height of a partner in some way compensates for their stature,.

Kristina J:   Tall or small I love you all xx

Passionate Encounters

Posted May 02 2022

Passion and Lust the feeling you get when you see someone and all you want to do is fuck the shit out of them.  It is  a large physical attraction for an individual that is sometimes uncontrollable and completely unreasonable.  Often confused with love. 

Passion  is when you put more energy into something that is required to do it.  It is more than just enthusiasm or excitement,  passion is ambition that is materialised into action to put as much heart mind body and soul into something as is possible.

It’s is that sexual arousability  you get when you glance someone extremely attractive and ;you git these 5 seconds  fantasies about having erotic sex with them, it has completely nothing to do with love Lust for sex has no bounds.

Everything in the room was a mess as if a typhoon came through but her face had the expression of bliss and his of exhaustion and bliss their sweaty bodies lying twisted together he heard her whisper that was passion. Yes please I love passion.

Lust is not love if you do not wish for anything other than have sex with someone.  Whenever I saw him all I wanted to do was kiss him and touch him all over.  Strange how I never wanted to talk to him. It must of been lust. 

Do not be afraid of exploring your sexuality fantasies and desires  embrace them love them, make them yours they are part of who you are.  

Kristina J  Ready for a passionate encounter you know where I am lustfully yours xxx

A bit of fun for Easter

Posted April 25 2022

Hope all you Easter bonk holiday was fun and flirty plenty of lovely things to stuff in your mouth!! (Chocolate of course). 

The Easter Bunny an oviparous rabbit dextrous enough to carry baskets of candy and intelligent enough to arrange said candy in fake grass, as well as launch massive nation-wide marketing campaigns aimed at getting parents to shell out for chocolate bunnies that turn out to be hollow and chocolate eggs stuffed with  carcinogenic  sludge. Possibly an ancient deity or demi-God, but far more likely the result of government genetic experiments or the demented offspring of a chicken, a rabbit, and a Cadbury company executive.

I thought the other day that I might buy myself a hat a frivolous thing as I did not wear my Easter Bonnet this year.  I searched and searched but to no avail either wrong colours wrong sizes. Just not right then I discovered the new kind of hat I will let you know about the hair growing features!! Although the picture is of a male I was duly informed females have been successful.  Looks like a larger condom believe me I know these things.  I will keep you posted. 

Kristina J  Have fun wherever you put it xx