NURU Massage in Yorkshire with 6ft blonde escort Kristina J in my private, discreet home in Huddersfield

I offer you an invitation to delight in the sensual and erotic experience of NURU Massage

Indulge in the magnificent sensation of skin on skin as we get wet, hot and slippy together delving into the sensuality of a NURU Massage. Nuru massage is a slow sensual body to body massage where we get close and intimate in an embraced dance of seduction, fun and eroticisum. Can you imagine the soft skin of my slender body ripping over you in a slippy embrace of erotic fun, creating new sensations and physical connection. The delightful slippy oils that give the impression that you are being massaged by liquid silk and the sensation of our bodies gliding together in excited passion.

We take our time to slide together in a physical embrace and even explore each other intimately. Once the NURU is applied everything becomes highly sensitised so the slower and more intentional our movements become the more heightened our intimate sensations are.

​Slide into the delights of an intimate Skin on Skin sensual experience of a NURU Massage

Revel in the closeness fo our bodies glide together in an erotic embrace of sensuality

The NURU massage is the next level using body to body tantric techniques and is based on elements of Lomi Lomi and tantric massage but with close body contact. Come and explore the tantalising orgasmic delight of a very special NURU massage and spoil yourself as I literally wrap myself around you.

The NURU massage I offer is a minimum of 90 minutes and if you wish to indulge in this delight I politely request you do let me know at time of booking as I do need to prepare the oil and the play space in advance. We start and finish with a joint shower together before getting naked and close as our bodies entwine in the delightful sensation of hot oil and nakedness exploring every inch of each other. For more information please do read my blogs (insert link) to find out more about the experience and the oils that I use.

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