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Pucker up

Posted June 23 2024

Pucker up

Kissing like it or Loathe it

What can I say about kissing I know ladies who love to kiss you all over but not on the lips BUT I know ladies who love to kiss you from top to toe and all the in between places you love.

Have you ever wondered why we kiss? What’s the history behind kissing? There’s quite a lot of history behind the human activity of kissing, as it happens. As well as the romantic and passionate elements of smooching, the scientific side of kissing is fascinating. There’s even a word for these kissing facts: the science of kissing is called philematology.

The motion and mechanics of kissing is almost identical to suckling, which puts a bit of a Freudian slant on things. What do you do with your head while kissing? Do you find it more comfortable to tilt your head one way rather than the other? As it happens, two-thirds of people tip their head to the right when they kiss. Scholars believe this preference starts in the womb – another indication that we could be hard-wired to enjoy kissing as a display of affection. A contrary indication to this is the fact that some cultures don’t seem to engage in kissing at all. Some Central-American, Sub-Saharan African, New Guinean & Amazonian cultures show no signs of kissing being practised.

Kissing For Fitness

Kissing for fitness certainly sounds a lot more pleasant than slogging it out on the gym treadmill. The sad news, from the science of kissing files, is that even passionate kissing only burns about 3 calories a minute. And a minute is a long time when you’re lip-locked and tongue tied. There are some who claim kissing burns 6.4 calories a minute, but there’s not much evidence for this.

If you’re feeling hungry after all that calorie-burning, it might be time for a snack. A Hershey’s Kiss has 22 calories… it will take you 5 minutes of walking or plenty of passionate kissing to burn it off, though. In better news, passionate or French kissing uses all 34 muscles in the face which can help keep you looking youthful for longer. A quick peck only uses two muscles, by comparison.

Did you know we have a ‘kissing muscle’? The orbicularis oris is the most important muscle in kissing, because it allows your lips to purse ready for a kiss. So get puckering I know lots of muscles one in particular and it is not on your face!!

I have lips you might like to kiss but not on my face 💋

Red Lights

Posted June 17 2024

Red Lights

There is a song with the words red lights mean danger but sometimes they mean pleasure and fun. Some of my lady friends took a trip to Amsterdam this is what they discovered .

Ooo!.Ooo! We know! At least, what they claim in a brief study of prostitution in the late West, and some of the background of sportin' houses. They said it originally came from railroad men hanging their red-glassed lanterns outside the one-whore cribs. However, I have long wondered just how many stops those guys were making to provide that many red lights, and just how old the term actually is.

The red lights of the brothels in Amsterdam are world famous and that’s why they keep them, but they don’t have a particular function anymore. Because of our good health care system prostitutes can protect and cure themselves from STD’s. In the past they couldn’t and you can imagine that it didn’t really look pretty down there.. The red lights were used as a cover-up for all the itchy redness on their skin.

The red light district is a hotspot for tourists from all over the world. There are still many “windows” in the area. You can also visit the Museum of Prostitution: Red Light Secrets. They give you the chance to stand behind a window and experience how it feels to be checked out by so many people. It felt good, prostitutes no, sex therapists yes

It seems so easy to take a ride on the wild side in this part of Amsterdam and we understand.. What happens in Amsterdam stays in Amsterdam

Kristina: living life in the fast lane get wild wet and willing!! 💋

Lustful, Lecherous or Perverted

Posted June 08 2024

Lustful, Lecherous or Perverted

HI you wonderful sexy companions of mine are you Lustful or lecherous you can be one or the other or both, the choice is yours. Someone that desires something so badly that they will do anything to acquire this desire of theirs

A lecherous man is someone who leers at people with the sole thought of sex on his mind. usually dribbles and has manic glints in his eyes. (Often a pervert.) Look at him lecherous old git. Somewhere between flirt and a perv a lecher is both better looking than a perv and slightly more blunt/less deceptivly sensitive than a flirt. To see what is meant by deceptively sensitive. An individual whose actions or behaviours deviate from what is normal, moral or tasteful. A matter of opinion or fact.

Usually applied when describing someones sexual desires or actions, can also apply to

Licking a strangers feet - Pervert

Licking your wife’s feet because it makes her giggle - Normal

perverts:(per-verts) pl n. - drooling, Table leg humping, rabid man dogs sitting at their computers with their cams on clutching their calloused over used penis in a trance like state whilst watching bertha big butt porn and sweet talking even the ugliest women in chat rooms in desperate hopes of convincing her to show her boobies (or more) on cam.

Anyone who gets sexual satisfaction from doing something unusual. Definitions of "perverted" behavior vary depending on who is using the word. To a ninety-six-old-old grandma, tongue kissing may be seen as perverted. To a twenty-one-year-old guy, smearing Chocolate sauce all over his girlfriend's body and licking it off while she's tied up isn't. One person's perversion may be someone else’s kink.

Kristina: Show me your perversion or kink and I will show you mine 💋

Sex on Legs

Posted May 27 2024

Sex on Legs

i you sexy beasts I hear a lot of the saying look at her sex on legs well what does that actually mean!!?

Someone who embodies perfection personifies and oozes vibes of WOW I want it!! Also one that is good looking with a fabulous figure and sexy that provokes any onlooker to immediately want to engage in sex.

An attractive and magnetic sexual presence a person-possesses which makes them sexually alluring to the opposite sex. Marilyn Munro was thought to have great sex appeal by the alluring way she walked, her graceful mannerisms and her sweet, yet sensuous voice.


OK, we’re not all born beautiful. But there are actually more ingredients in the mix of what makes a person sexually, or interpersonally, appealing, and being physically attractive is only one of the key ingredients

This includes all of the things that one can do to their general appearance that will make them more physically attractive grooming, makeup, hairstyle, style of dress, etc. It is the component of attractiveness altered when one undergoes a makeover. We tend to believe that in order to boost our sex appeal, we need to alter our physical appearance, whether through diet, increased muscle tone, makeup, or sexier clothing. Yes this does work for most men and women.

For me a few things are more off-putting and and certainly cannot be sex on legs and not Sexual (unless you have a fetish) like bad grooming (bad breath, bad teeth, body odore, greasy hair, unwashed clothes) Get a good haircut, shower every day and shave off that scraggly beard. See your dentist and brush regularly. Wash your clothes and get some decent threads. This is mainly for the men.

Kristina: Being sexy is my job and I love it 💋