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Posted February 19 2024


Hi my slaves looking forward to punishing you in soooo many orgasmic ways. First time I was asked to do cock and ball torture I was amazed. I do not get many requests for this but I am here if you want it. Let me explain.

Cock and ball torture (CBT), penis torture or dick torture is a sexual activity involving application of pain or constriction to the penis or testicles. This may involve directly painful activities, such as genital piercing, wax play, genital spanking, squeezing, ball-busting, genital flogging, urethral play , tickle torture, erotic electrostimulation or even kicking. The recipient of such activities may receive direct physical pleasure via masochism, or emotional pleasure through erotic humiliation, or knowledge that the play is pleasing to a sadistic dominant. Some of these practices carry health risks which we will discuss.

I was passing my friends house (a female friend) so I knocked she came to the door as she does domination too. She informed me she had a man in the cupboard and proceeded to show me, he was in leather straps naked and his cock and balls on show, she said that he liked to be kicked there and would I like to kick him I said no and he looked very disappointed. I am sure she dealt with him in her usual cruel way.

A slaves tale: The most euphoric experience one can ever have. The universes most divine pleasure is bestowed upon those who permit in this behaviour. One can only truly find pleasure once they receive {Cock and Ball Torture. I was given cock and ball torture and I reached a state of ecstasy so great that my scrotum burst? Only joking!!

Mistress K: I go all the way stop me if you dare

Pussy Whipped

Posted February 12 2024

Pussy Whipped

Hi Guys and Gals as a dominatrix this story intrigues me I can pussy whip better than most.

A pussy whipped guy is a spineless insecure butt kissing sissy man (brings to mind sissy maids) who has to agree with everything his girl says, and give in to every demand, even if he loses his guy friends he doesn’t care, because he is so insecure he fears disagreeing with her because this might upset her and he cant take the risk of being single because of his insecurities.this type of guy is simply a joke, the key to being in the pussy whipped hall of fame is simple things like, we watched football every Sunday at his house, but now his girlfriend goes there on Sunday so were not allowed over, but guess what he is doing, sitting there watching football, .thats the problem with these people, the big deal if his guy friends watch football while she’s there,I don’t get it, but no, if she’s coming over the fortress goes up and he may enter or leave.because he has to use all his focus seeing if he can stick his head all the way up her ass. For the girl it makes them feel more important and special because everything goes her way, to me being a pussy whipped stooge is not about sex, it’s about domination.

The pussy whipped male is the most insecure on the planet, and its the fear of not being in a relationship which makes this puss feel like he’s a loser with no life, so he has to protect the relationship at all cost, and this means putting the girl before everyone or anyone, it really does not have anything to do with sex. i like to call them bondage relationships, because he will go from one to the other with no real reason why he is dating the girl, he knows he has to find some kind of relationship, thats the key for him A dominatrix would suit him fine!!

Mistress K I am here for you I am ready to pussy whip. You will love it

Fear Play

Posted February 09 2024

Fear Play

Fear Play

The feeling you experience when it's midnight, you're sitting by your pc masturbating over the sickest porn imaginable, your underwear and jeans are 20 feet away....and you hear your mum coming downstairs.Peter felt extreme fear when he had to - in a sweating state - click the x button on the page of his necrophilia porn and stumble across the room to put his underwear and trousers on as he heard his mum coming downstairs.

Fear play

Is any sexual activity involving the use of fear to create sexual arousal. Unlike masochistic tendencies, fear play does not offer the subject pleasure or arousal through a rush of endorphins, but rather a terrified mental state which triggers a release of adrenaline. Some have likened its role to that of horror movies, in providing a harmless outlet in which to feel frightened.

Fear play is typically considered edge play, a category of BDSM-related activities with high physical or psychological risk. While Limits are usually set out in sexplay, they may be pushed or ignored in some edge play scenes to heighten sexual arousal as the subject becomes excited by the feeling of helplessness. Asphyxiation and castration play are common within edge play sub-sections of BDSM.

Mistress K would like to scare you today

Lick or Suck

Posted January 31 2024

Lick or Suck

i you lot of reprobates how is it going getting enough or trying something different for instance me sucking your penis I do not do that often but sometimes it is good to try something different variety is the spice of life and it sure makes you feel good, a change is as good as rest so lets get on with it.

I have been told many times that for a man there is absolutely nothing to equal the ecstasy of a woman lovingly sucking and licking his penis. Whatever turns you on is ok with me.

To him it is the most intimate loving ego gratifying and supremely spicy gesture a woman can perform. No other sexual act allows him to fantasise in quite the same way he can imagine that the woman with her mouth around him is completely dominated by his awesome inspiring masculinity that she is his to command that she is enjoying it totally and for a few moments I will be your sexual slave. Then when that is over, you will be at my command so get that tongue moving or else!!!

Looking forward to you acting out my fantasies and desires hope you are too of course you are you are my slave"

Mistress K: I go all the way If I want it you give it!!